t r u t h o u t | 12.24
Eleanor Clift | Bush's Worst Lies of 2006
Sun Dec 24, 2006 16:25

Eleanor Clift counts down Bush's biggest lies of the year; Bill Moyers discusses stewardship, political dynasties, and the covenant of democracy; Bay State Representatives could become Bush's "worst nightmare"; Oregon Congressman asks other Representatives, "Would you send your relative to Iraq?"; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at http://www.truthout.org

t r u t h o u t | 12.24

Eleanor Clift | Bush's Worst Lies of 2006
"In the spirit of holding our political leaders accountable, this year-end review will tabulate the worst lies told by Bush and company, along with several stories that were underreported in the media," says Eleanor Clift. "Much of what was generated got lost in the fog of war, but the long arm of history will retrieve these moments."

The Rise of "Revolving-Door" Consultants
It happens every day: Lobbyists open the right doors, make the right arguments and push their clients' narrow interests to the front of the line. The results vary. A Native American chief gets a West Wing meeting to fight for tribal status. Forty-story condominium buildings that will transform the San Francisco skyline are approved. Congress earmarks $239 million for a new bridge over the Mississippi. Copper mining representatives meet White House staffers to discuss acquisition of national forest land. But the lobbyists fronting these causes all have one important advantage in common: They helped the public official they lobbied get elected.

Bill Moyers | A Parable for Our Times
Bill Moyers writes: "The scale of the disorder in our national priorities right now is truly staggering; it approaches moral anarchy. Alexander Hamilton, the conservative genius of the financial class, warned this could happen."

Congressman: Would You Send Your Relative to Iraq?
"We need to focus on whether we would choose to send our own son or daughter, our own wife or our own husband off for a temporary surge in Iraq," said Oregon congressman David Wu. "If we wouldn't do that, then should we permit this administration to roll out a potential product like that?"

Probes of Bush Policies in the Works
Massachusetts lawmakers are set to launch a blizzard of investigations in the new Congress, probing issues such as wartime contracting, post-Katrina housing assistance, and the Bush administration's relationship with Cuba and other countries in Latin America. In what could be closely watched proceedings, two members of the Massachusetts delegation are planning joint committee hearings to examine the administration's Iraq war policies, particularly the reasons for the military's lagging efforts to train Iraqi troops.

US Says Key Taliban Leader Killed but Militants Disagree
The US military has hailed the assassination of a top Taliban commander as a major victory in its fierce battle against insurgents in Afghanistan, but the Taliban say the wrong man was hit.

Election Challenge for Florida District Is Taken to the House
A battle over who won the congressional election in Florida's 13th District is in the courts and could be debated in Congress itself. Christine Jennings, the Democrat, informed Congress last week that she was contesting the election, claiming that electronic voting machines malfunctioned and that state officials wrongly certified the election in favor of Republican Vern Buchanan.

VIDEO | Army Targets Truthout for Subpoenas in Watada Case
In a case that cuts right to the heart of the First Amendment, a US Army prosecutor has indicated he intends to subpoena Truthout Executive Director Marc Ash, a Truthout reporter, and two of the nonprofit news organization's regular contributors, to authenticate news reports they produced and edited earlier this year that quoted an Army officer criticizing President Bush and the White House's rationale for the Iraq War.


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