Mon Dec 18, 2006 22:29

Folks, people are dropping dead by the 10's in this state due to no electricity and heat!!

The governor STILL has not demanded that the guard "activate" itself, as she announced late this past Saturday, 12/16/06.

I just saw on the local news where 4 out of 5 people in Burien, just south of Seattle, were found dead due to carbon monoxide poisoning due to running their generator inside their home.

The GOVERNOR told the news that over 1,000 people have been treated at Washington state emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning!!

People are still trying to stay warm in cars BUT the gas stations that are open are all running out of gas.

Just heard that many, many people have had to throw out food in their refrigirators because of spoilage.


The guard could be out w/megahpones, what ever it takes, telling people NOT to use charcoal grills nor generators in their homes; bringing them food, even if it is C rations (military combat packages of stuff); bringing them water if needed; just checking on people to see what their needs may be SINCE most phones are also out and any cell phones have by now certainly lost power and no place to recharge them; WHERE IS THE GAURD?????

Just heard that tomorrow, Wednesday, 12/19/06, another SNOW strom is moving in from the Pacific; MORE disaster for the population; LONGER time to get electricity up (we now have repair line workers from Nevada helping to bring up the lines); MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!! THEY CAN'T GO ANYWHERE BECAUSE THERE IS NO GAS; they are running out of food; WHERE IS THE HELP THAT THE CITIZENS IN THIS STATE COUNTED ON AND NEED?????

Sitting in her little governor mansion in Olympia (still don't know if Olympia lost ANY electricity or suffered anything close to the rest of the state, but I don't think it did)by her cozzy fire, reading her news by her cozzy light and eating her 4 course cozzy meal.

BUT WAIT!!!The governor is doing her part in the NWO goal of eliminating citizens since there are just too many of us to control easily!!! OF COURSE--THAT'S IT!!!

REDUCING THE POPULATION, another reduction after Katrina; I guess this is reduction #2 for the U.S. in the grand scheme of things leading to the NWO takeover, w/Georgie Porgie at the helm.


I fear for the children; as a parenet myself, this must be heartrendering for the parents in this state seeing their children cold, hungry and scared.


Thank you.

P.S. The rescuers found one of the hickers stranded on Mt. Hood (Oregon)yesterday. He was id as "James Kelly" the one that had cell phoned his wife Saturday a week ago telling her he was injured and was in a snow cave, waiting while the other 2 went for help.

what is intereting is that the military C-10 that is using the laser heat sensor radar to help locate the men failed to find Mr. James BECAUSE the rescurers had NO IDEA what to look for in regards to a snow cave UNTIL past Saturday evening when one of them was dropped on the mountain, dug a snow cave and waited for the rescurers to 'RECOGNIZE" WHAT a snow cave image would look like, especially w/someone in it. Mr. James was found outside, a distance away from the snow cave.

They found a 2nd snow cave, but it only contained hicking equipment they reported.

Shouldn't they have done this at the get go, for God's sake?! HOW many of the prior days of searching w/this eqiupment was wasted that MIGHT have saved Mr. Kelly IF the jerks reading the radar screen had KNOWN/RECOGNIZED what was being picked up and what they were looking at!?!?
A snow cave.

Just like the Kim family stranded on an unused back road, resulting in Mr. Kim dying of hypothermia trying to find help.

At first the gov/forestry tried to say that "vandals" had broken the lock on the gate, thereby leaving the entrance to the area open and the Kims accidently taking the wrong turn. HOWEVER, I said at the time that that was BULL SHIT--there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN out there that vandals would want!!! NOW, the gov is saying that the GATE WAS NEVER LOCKED IN THE FIRST PLACE AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!!

O N L Y in the Northwest does one find such incompetant workers!!! O N L Y in the NOrthwest is there a monopoly on lack of common sense idiots, with the governor leading them all.

There, now I feel better!!
Can't wait to get out of here in April; these people are driving me nuts!!!!! I live in fear all of the time just because of the lack of smarts by the majority of the people here. It gets REAL scarry when you have to deal w/the medical field here!!

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