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Re: Why Bush Will Nuke Iran By Paul Craig Roberts 

Bush is indeed running out of time. Mr. Roberts cites another article which is only found within the article at the site in HTML and is very significant. It will be Bush's last Coup de' Gras before he leaves office. If you read my reports, you already know we have all the assets necessary in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf to launch a full scale suicidal attack on Syria/Iran.
Nuclear Strike on Iran Is Still on the Agenda What will Congress do? by Jorge Hirsch 
I doubt the Dem Congress will do anything.

Nancy Pelosi in her misguided, benighted confusion wants to put this Kane/Hamilton/Zelikow 911 Commission Report into law. This commission is totally, totally discredited. Remember, this was the Commission that allowed the entire story on Able Danger completely suppressed and lied about. The meeting with George Tenet, Condi Rice Cofer Black (VP Blackwater) was completely suppressed until, Bob Woodward wrote about it and the massive perjury by Larry Arnold, Ralph Eberhard and those NORAD and Pentagon generals about what happened on 911.

Their perjury was ignored and then Kane/Hamiton had the Chutzpah to come forward with their book and then had to admit, yes of course, we knew the generals were lying and committing perjury, but what's a little perjury among fellow oligarchs, so that was also swept under the rug.

We have the fact that Ashcroft also obviously committed perjury himself in the Piccard - Ashcroft exchanges. We know the question of the tapes threw new light on the centrality of the drills, massively underplayed by the Commission.

Of course the Angel is next issue and the most important piece of evidence of all 911, the moment when the invisible government speaks in the form of an ultimatum to the hapless expendable puppet Bush and tells him what he must do. And that's when he capitulates to the coup and turns this government over to this new and extreme faction, that has remained in power as the September criminals; and why the 911 Commission Report is such a fraud.

This past week, we had the Baker/Hamilton Report. Hamilton gets around and he's the main mouthpiece and cover-up artist for the invisible government and for the banking financier establishment, that currently rules the United States. This report was nine months in the making, delivered to Washington last week, and distributed to various kinds of reaction.

James Baker is of course the idea man and controller for Bush 41, the person who told Bush what to do, who ran the Whitehouse during the Reagan presidency, then moved on to become Secy. of the Treasury, then Secy of State, then tried to get George Bush re-elected in 1992. He couldn't do it, but then came back to direct the Coup d'état of November/December 2000. He's the one that got Bush Jr. the current tenant of the White House through the Supreme Court and named appointed president.

Remember James Baker is a gangster. If anyone can remember the meeting of James Baker and Tariq Aziz the foreign minister of Iraq back in December of 1990, Baker put a letter from Bush on the table and ordered Aziz to pick it up and Trariq left it lying there through the whole meeting, and when he left the room Baker exploded with imperialist arrogance and rage. You could see Aziz was a person of massive courage, massive dignity, a person of character in a really difficult situation, a Chaldeon Christian working for Saddam Hussein, but trying to do something for his country. James Baker was the gangster, the thug, the absolutely reprehensible individual in his conduct at that point.
Secret Message From James Baker to Tariq Aziz 
Image files of this document are also available for viewing: Page 1 Page 2
Aziz is still being held in the dungeons of Abu Ghraib by the occupation authorities. Why not make a humanitarian gesture at Christmas time for an appeal to release of Tariq Aziz. Iraq Embassy Washington DC / and Amnesty International 

The 2008 presidential candidates should also get involved, investigate a seek his release.

The idea with Hamilton now is of course, is he's in a position to cover up anything you can mention. He served on seven or eight commissions going back to Iran Contra, and quoted as saying, "Of course we knew Reagan (and company) was committing perjury, but we didn't think it was in part of national interest to indict them." That's a prejudice against the of the indictment that he seems to have taken into the era of the Kane/Hamilton Commission and at that point the NORAD generals committed perjury, but he didn't want to indict them either. So these are two wheel horses of the invisible government and the finance oligarchy.

What is the purpose of this report? The purpose of the report is what they say any number of them, and in particular Sandra Day O'Connor, has made no secret of the fact the purpose of the Baker/Hamilton Report is to build a new consensuses for the continuation the war in Iraq to build mass support for endless war and endless occupation in that region. Although they don't come out and quite say it.

At the same time the diplomacy they talk about is to separate Syria from Iran and are quite open about this. The goal is to drive a wedge between the Syria/Iran alliance, recruit Syria back to it's roll in the first Gulf War, which was to be a puppet and pawn to the military coalition and complete the isolation of Iran.

There is going to be a Boston Tea Party a week from today in Boston, DC (at the WH) and several other cities protesting the 911 Kane/Zelikow infamy and burning of this report.
San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) December 14, 2006 -- In the spirit of the American patriots who on December 16, 1773 rebuked Britain’s tyranny by tossing tea into Boston’s harbor, and in solidarity with Boston 9/11 Truth who will re-enact the tea party this Saturday with crates of the 9/11 Report, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance will echo Boston’s call for "all American Sons and Daughters of Liberty to cast-off the tyranny, deceit and lies imposed on the American public since 9/11" and demand a genuine, investigation of 9/11. December 16th 2006 from Boston to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Saint Louis, Milwaukee, to San Francisco, 9/11 Truth groups will burn, shred, and toss the rejected 9/11 Report into oceans, rivers, and Lake Michigan.

This is a flagship event with events in other cities San Francisco, Milwaukee WI, Boston, Washington DC (at the White House).

San Francisco Tea Party for 911 Truth

JAN. 3RD DEMONSTRATION AT CONGRESS John Doraemi Sun Dec 17, 2006;article=107138;title=APFN
9-11 TRUTH ACTION: Burn your copy of the 9-11 Commission Report in front of Congress on January 3rd, 2007
Seize the moment with a new tea party for the new millennium.
12/15/06 Friday 19:00 at Boston College at the McGinn Auditorium with Dr. Bob Bowman/John Albanese speakers for 911 Truth
12/16/06 Saturday mass actions in downtown Boston

From 09:00- 11:00 with the passing out of 911Truth stocking stuffers, at the Boston Commons and at the DT Crossings.
At 11:30 people will be gathering at Faneuil Hall the Locust of Liberty to hear Ethan Allen and the 911 Truth candidates.
At 12:00 there will be a reading of the Proclamation by the colonial citizens of New England, with Bob Bowman, Kevin Barrett, Barbara Honaker.
At 13:00 followed by a march to Boston Harbor with speakers at the Harbor
At 14:00-15:00 Press Conference.
At 15:00-15:30 the casting of the infamous Kane/Hamilton Report into the Boston Harbor.

This is a message to Nancy Pelosi. She says she wants to enact the Kane/Hamilton/Zelikow in the first 100 hours.

The 911 Truth movement says: THROW IT INTO THE HARBOR!

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