Conyers’ Betrayal: 9/11 JUST LIKE WACO!
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December 10, 2006
Conyers’ Betrayal
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This is a short post to highlight one simple fact- John Conyers is an establishment shill- a fraud that has betrayed every American that supported his ‘investigations’.

From Conyers’ report, The Constitution in Crisis:

Our investigation has found that while the allegations set forth in this Report rise to the level of impeachable misconduct by the President, the Vice President, and other high ranking officials within the Administration, more information and investigatory authority is needed before recommendations can be made concerning specific Articles of Impeachment.



Fascism cannot occur unless the opposition is totally disorganized. Why is the left so disorganized? What is preventing all the big name stars and intellectuals like from organizing a march until the nightmare is over. Why do we have ANSWER and World Can’t Wait taking turns organizing a weekend march every spring and fall. F*#k the weekend march- stay as long as it takes!

Why We're At War? : George Bush Is Not The Problem

by Michel Chossudovsky


Conyers Waco Hearings, The doublecross!



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