BREATHING NYC AIR 9/11 . . . .
Wed Dec 13, 2006 06:20

Let us not forget to add to this collection of poisons in the air that day the fact that there were over 3,000 BODIES that were cremated whose ashes were ALL also in the air being breathed in by EVERYONE in downtown NYC and the immediate surrounding area.

Least we forget, the fireman who died earlier this year whose autopsy revealed that there were millions of self-encased "molecules" in his lungs, which upon dissection revealed that molecular fragments of human bones and body remains were in these encasings, thereby resulting in this young man's actual choking to death due to lack of oxygen in his lungs---there was no room for oxygen; they took up the ENTIRE SPACE of his lungs, there were that many of these encasings the protective process of the lungs air sacks wrapping themselves around each of these tiny particles of foreign objects in the lungs).

The humans were cremated by the intense heat of the fire within the building FROM the preset explosives that Dr. Steven Jones has ALREADY proven, scientifically, CAUSED the actual collapse and metal molten.

SO> > > > > emergency workers, rescuers, EVERYONE that was in that area from that day in September, forward to the last piece of material hauled away were exposed to cremated human remains and breathed not only toxins, carcinogens, concrete, etc.,BUT CREMATED HUMAN REMAINS into their lungs!!! Think about that, people!!!

This includes news media, you guys!!!

AND now, the gov is stopping all testing of these individuals for lung damage, diseases, etc.

THIS IS A MORAL SIN THAT MUST BE STOPPED!!!! THESE PEOPLE CAME TO THE AID OF AMERICANS AND NOW THE SAME GOVERNMENT THAT KILLED THOSE PEOPLE ON 9/11 ARE NOT THROUGH---they are continuing to kill people who survived that horrible day by ignoring their medical needs.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON. . . . . .. ..

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