FBI uses Stoelting Ultrascribe Polygraph eliminate Suspects?
Wed Dec 13, 2006 22:24

IF the 4 lead Ultrascribe Polygraph was that perfect why do not our Military and CIA use it to weed out suspects believed to be terrorists even if it will not stand up in a Court of Law?

Inconclusive means inconclusive. Positive Deception means Deception and Truth means Truth... but the examiner and the machine itself with 4 leads leaves too much room for error IMHO. A special chair, set-up and specifics relative to drugs and training must be known for the 4 lead unit.

As you read... we are recommending a multiple lead unit which would tell you 12 times the information monitored and perhaps IF it was foolproof then it would be accepted and used Worldwide! The key is asking someone in their own language a set of questions and getting a reading on the responses. Translators are not necessary except for review of tape recordings which can monitor question and readings like in a hospital. I personally do not believe people cannot BEAT the 4 lead units with specific training or drugs. Pathological liar would perhaps fly through as telling the Truth when lying like a rug.

Anyone is capable of deception to the point their answers are declared deceptive instead of ABSOLUTELY LYING! Ever been nervous about a test? Pulse, Respiration, Temperature and whatever FOURTH lead records could go haywire! Lying in a critical care unit with heart and other monitors hooked up with the cute adhesive contact or lead pads... now that says a lot and diagnostics are so very far advanced it is reliable and diagnosis can send one to surgery instantly with the proper readings. Sorry if we do not think the Polygraph 4 lead is the best thing since sliced bread TODAY when we need a foolproof system which can be used by anyone in any language to determine TRUTH OR LIE!

A wise law enforcement official once said... you do not beat the POLYGRAPH necessarily but you can beat the examiner! The NEW COMPUTERIZED 48 LEAD POLYGRAPH can be tested on any number of Judges and Lawyers... perhaps then the Courts will allow it... otherwise it remains not Legally accepted. Until then... we all must wait and pray someone comes up with the PERFECT POLYGRAPH!

My years in law enforcement taught me a few facts which still indicate the present system is not accepted by a Court of Law. The FBI might use it... but still people get through the system. The PERFECT POLYGRAPH 48 LEADS may be the answer... I do not know!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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