Four LEAD Polygraph is not 48 Lead Polygraph!
Wed Dec 13, 2006 14:11

Mr. Howard:

"The subject is hooked up to a Stoelting UltraScribe, which includes a blood-pressure cuff, tubes across the stomach and chest to measure breathing and fingertip electrodes that measure perspiration. During the session, the subject cannot see the charts as all issue questions are asked at least twice. Polygraph tests are not admissible in criminal court cases because they are not considered legally reliable." Key in what was pulled off of one article with GOOGLE SEARCH is that right now the polygraphs are not considered legally reliable.

Observed where a savvy Assistant Police Chief locally used 'excessive sniffing' during a polygraph and the tests were inconclusive... man refused a second chance and the Chief of Police FIRED him for other lies or Perjury on a professional claim which was false.

Point is that with all of the Computer GURU's out there like Bill Gates and MicroSoft plus others from Nations across the Planet --- it seems ODD that no one has come up with the PERFECT POLYGRAPH and 48 leads would register more than 4 leads. IMHO ! Thanks for the reply though!

Perhaps BILL GATES and the FOUNDATION can see the articles here on APFN and get something going. Sure believe the President and FBI might like to see this move forward quickly.

Maybe NOT as loss of prisoners would result in layoffs in the Penal Colonies!

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