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Just to chime in on a post above, about voice morphing, etc...

I am a Sr Design RF engineer (cell phone engineer) and i dont believe those calls happened as they said they did.

Now, i am not saying the calls did not happen, but , after looking into this for a LONG time, what i think is that there was another plane that was being tracked. I dont think those calls are possible at the ALTITUDE they said, so, maybe they came from a different plane (than was being tracked), at a different altitude.

Several of the calls (from 93) were supposedly made above 35,000 ft, i dont buy that at all.

On a related note, the guy who made the maps that we all saw... has ties to the pentagon, and also with software used for war game technology !

He worked for Savi Technology , and Dimensions International.

Savi, does work with RFID tags, and here is the client list for DImension International

Dimensions International provides first and second level support for the FAA's Air Traffic Control Systems. Dimensions International is the world's leader in providing real-time aircraft tracking systems and both real-time and historical aircraft movement data.

Now, the above doesnt sound to strange, until you take into consideration the war games

so, what i think happened, is that the ATC (air traffic controllers) were fooled. They were tracking a blip from either a war games plane, OR, they were tracking a blip that was NOT REAL.

One possibility (my pet scenario) is that the main computer was HACKED. There is a main database (real time) of planes in the air, where they are, and their tail numbers etc...

Interestingly, flight 93 (the plane that was suppoed to be 93) tail number is N591UA.

I did a search of that tail nember for september 10th 2001, and it showed up twice at the same time, in different places.

Since this isnt possible (physically) i looked into what could have caused this, and the way the aplen is recorded in the database is through something called ACARS. This is electronic, and easily hacked. The ACARS system sends signals electronically, so does the transponder.

Add to this, that on all 4 planes, the transponder code changed during the flight.

(the transponder broadcasts signal particular to that plane, at that time)

Now, you can change the transponder code during flight, pilots are trained to send an emergency CODE if there is a problem, like a hijacking, but this was not done on ANY of the flights !

One several of the flights, it was changed more than once, on flight 175 it chaged 3 times!

Another possibility, is that a DRONE (remote controlled plane) was over the aircraft, and changed codes with the aircraft at that time.

Back to the tail number for flight 93 (N591UA).

I had mentioned that the tail # was in 2 places at one time, well, another aircraft was also in 2 places at one time on September 10th. ThAT TAIL # WAS N594UA.

I had done a search for the tail # (N591UA F93) on google (years ago) and about 20 pages deep, found a guy who supposedly flew this plae in 2003. Now, 591UA was F93, so this is the plane that crashed (supposedly). So, i checked the government database, and it said that flight was tail# 594UA. Well, imagine my surprise, this was the only other tail# that i found to be in 2 places at one time on sept 10th!

Now, i thought MAYBE he wrote this down wrong, AND, that it was a coincidence that these were the only 2 planes that were in the same place at one time on sept 10th.

So, i asked him , i left a message oon his web-board, and after a while, he responded publically (by this time, it was all over the net)

See, the thing is, he wrote the tail number and NOSE number down seperately, and the BOTH match 591UA. I asked if he took this home and used a databse to fill in the nose #, he said NO.

He also says that he seriously doubts that he wrote the tail # AND nose # down wrong.

To make things a bit harder to swallow, if you want to think this is a coincidence, is that this was a Boeing 757, just like 591UA, and the tail nmeber and nose numbers are diferent, (and they often are)

So, tail number 591UA, may have been swapped with another tail number that day

18 people were "NOT SUPPOSED TO FLT THAT DAY" on flight 93.
flight 91 was cancelled due to other problems, and many may have been transferred to flight 93.
So how many passengers bought tickets for flight 93 ahead of time?
I can only find a couple that sound that way from reading any text i find on the net from them.
many of the crew wrent supposed to fly either.
this leaves about 19 passengers ( and many of them may have come from flight 91 !

copy and paste from my blog (feb 2004) ...
The other odd thing isa that the tail number of flight 93 was N591UA , but at least 3 sites (reputable pilots web sites) said it was tail number N519UA, and 3 sites published on Sept 11th and 12th posted the fourth plane as flight 91 not 93?
So flight 91 tail number N519UA was used as one of the craft to pull off operation Pearle, OR flight 91 went down in Penn and flight 93 took off with all the passengers !
that is how they got rid of the passengers, if we can pinpoint where flight 91 went or tail number N519UA went on sept 11th we have sloved part of

Now, add to it, THIS

23(and counting) of the 44 people on Flight 93 were not supposed to be on the flight that day.

Then, reports of people coming from flight 91, that was grounded, means there were less (maybe FAR LES than 21 people actually scheduled to fly flight 93 ahead of time !

Read the accounts ! Heres is Just ONE...

3. Donald Peterson.

They weren't supposed to be on United Flight 93, but they
got to the Newarkairport early, and their original flight was late and crowded.

Now, each one of these "coincidences" by themselves, might be exlplained away, but taken together, are worthy of investigation.

Now, the records arent there (for some reason), for most of the planes tail #'s on the morning of Sept 11th. No reason given WHY they are missing, most had talken off BEFORE the events statrted that morning, but we beleive N594UA (OR, maybe N591UA, was Flight 91

Flight 93, wasnt the only ODDITY, all of them had something strange, i cant post them all, but herers something about flight 11

Oddly enough, close scrutiny of Flight 11 (which crashed into the north tower of the WTC) leaving Logan Airport in Boston has shown that there were apparently two separate designated boarding gates for the doomed flight. Researchers Nico Haupt & Woody Box have done a detailed analysis based entirely on mainstream accounts and eye witness statements showing that, while the official account has Flight 11 being boarded at gate 26, the flight actually took off from gate 32. However, no passengers actually boarded at gate 32, instead boarding at gate 26. Under close scrutiny it becomes exceedingly difficult to dismiss this discrepancy as a mere ?mistake?, quite to the contrary.

Michael Kane: "9/11 War Games - No Coincidence"
(actually, i was invlovewd with finding this, along with woody and Nico)

Sept. 11 is Sliney's first day on the job as national operations manager FAA

More reading...

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