Aaah, another similarity to Nazi Germany
Thu Dec 14, 2006 03:13

That is what Germany did to dissidents which are what non criminals are. It used to be we prosecuted crimes against individuals, their person, property etc. Now we prosecute crimes against the state and real victims of real crimes get no help or consideration by law enforcement. They are treated as a nuisance.

I know, I just got through dealing with three levels of law enforcement for a crime committed against me. They only cared about the guy who committed a crime against the state and were to busy with him to pursue the crime against me as an individual. It took me 12 days, 8 hours a day trying to get someone to help me. It never happened.

I finally hired a lawyer to help, then I had to leave town to go back home and he ripped me off and did nothing on my case. The entire Oklahoma City law enforcement from federal to local are corrupt in that town. Now I know why the feds chose that city for their bombing trial run for 9-11. There is no one there who would bother to investigate a real crime. I am thoroughly disgusted with the entire justice system.

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