Thu Dec 14, 2006 23:44

My oh my, isn't this just the most convenient situation for the sorry republicans in the Senate that Sen. Johnson becomes "ill" w/ a congenital defect right before the new Congress (110th) will convene w/the democrats in control of Congress.

This is NO shear circumstance of fake, folks!!! With the medical technology of today and the spy damage capabilities technology, this man was DELIBERATELY hit to cause such a major bleeding episode.

IF this was some type of "tangled blood vesseles" since birth, I believe the man would have had SEVERAL early on symptoms that would have led to medical tests LONG before his radio speech and following collapse.

This type of neuro damage does not go unsymptomatic for
5 9 years; this is not like a stroke aneurysm which has a "balloon" type bulge that ruptures and bleeds, causing a stroke, nor a weakened wall of a blood vessel.

THIS particular type of innercranial bleeding via these "tangled" blood vessels was some how set into motion via a deliberate type of source.

People, the republicans are playing dirty BECAUSE they are sorry loosers AND because their plans have been interceeded by a change of control in Congress.

WE must ALL not allow this change in control to go back to the republicans!!

We must let our representatives know that we will not stand for the return of republican control in the Senate AND that we want a THOROUGH investigation as to how such a convenient medical situation could arise via modern technology.

THIS IS SERIOUS and WE MUST NOT LET OUR GUARDS DOWN----if they get away w/it this time, MORE such instances will occur.

Thank you.

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