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Subject: Are YOU ready to DIE or ready to get involved calling, writing, e-mailing the United Nations? See Case 06-382 Petition Attached.
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 20:11:40 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
CC:, "info.officenl",

I would encourage you and others to review the Depleted Uranium Weapon use by Allied Nations and the United States, especially in Lebanon, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq. Those particles or "American Plague of 2006" will start killing people quickly and Millions could die.

Ruth DeLaMater Bundy, age 76 and myself at age 66 have asked to speak before the United Nations permanent representatives to get America and the Allies to America involved in stopping or banning the Depleted Uranium Weapons worldwide PLUS ask the UN to sanction all who have used them. Sanction would include sending special volunteer teams into all regions, under UN protection, confirming HOT ZONES or HOT EQUIPMENT/BUILDINGS then marking and encapsulating same. Ruth and I will pay our own way... we just need permission to go to the UN and a date plus time certain to report at the entrance!

The attached PDF is a Petition to be filed with the United States Supreme Court. Attention to Page 6 paragraph 18 is needed to make the point on knowledge of killing with Depleted Uranium weapons.Women and Children of the World can call for 'WORLD PEACE' and stop this nuclear weapon of mass destruction use immediately! America's men and women are at risk daily for being in contaminated areas inside or supporting DU Armor Plated Vehicles and firing DU Weapons which explode and contaminate the World as it is picked up by humans, insects, birds, fowl, fish, water and winds. The people rotating into Tanks on an annual basis are contaminated by the Radiation and breathing particles but the true killing of innocent men, women and children MUST not be tolerated and ALL can stop it!

The people in all countries must be made aware of the dangers breathing in 1/10th of a Micron particles of Depleted Uranium Dust. Those will enter the lungs, be ingested drinking or eating let alone breathing and Millions COULD DIE as a result. The death is known as MESO and is a smothering disease. Women have children contaminated by husband or wife contaminations and the deaths are growing 800 percent as this "American Plague of 2006" spreads Worldwide!

Everyone MUST call for banning these DU Weapons and removing them from all areas BEFORE the insurgents or enemies of those lands acquire them from American or Allied supply areas. There is no protection from death or destruction should these weapons be turned upon any Nation or American men and women even here in the United States or in Iraq or Kosovo, Lebanon, Afghanistan. It will take the full power of the United Nations to stop America and allied nations from using this Weapon of Mass Destruction which is NUCLEAR!

The catch-22 is that the United Nations must not let America or any Allied Nation use their famous VETO powers if accused of being War Criminals or using Weapons of Mass Destruction. Use of Nuclear weapons is outlawed in Treaties and Hague agreements PLUS UN Charter. Please help us get to the UN even if by e-mail at as this will save millions of lives and TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORLDWIDE! My own military and civilians are riding around 12 months at a time in radioactive tanks and armored vehicles plus sitting in Tanks and other areas with DU weapons which are radioactive with NO RADTriage dosimeters on either equipment or weapon systems. Some have been HOT for 6 years!

See: and especially children dying on site which should be sent to everyone on the Planet!



Will you spread the word?

I have my RADTriage dosimeter issued 12/2006, 4 CB Radio's with magnetic antennae, one Delorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 for my laptop, access to SAT phone with Black Ops Bag allowing E-MAIL from anywhere in the world, ALL ready to join any group or loan to any group approved to measure even Avon Park Bombing Range in Florida OR Eglin AFB Bombing Range in Florida OR go to the other Nations with teams to start measuring, marking and stopping people from being contaminated with DU particles.

When testing or surveying... Large OXYGEN cylinders can fill smaller SCBA units for breathing particles is a problem and special 'air check valves' like on underwater Jack Brown suits must keep air from coming back in or the person will get contaminated. One large OXYGEN cylinder could perhaps give 100 hours use at a time. An accepted risk is DEATH by contamination but the word Veteran knows no NATION and other Veteran's will volunteer to replace those who die from contamination or injury while on these missions under UN Sanctions.

Dr. Rokke and Dr. Moret would know what special equipment would allow fast moving teams to test areas, type of disposable clothing, decontamination required and Geiger-Mueller equipment restrictions with Inverters for Night use lighting.... All would specify the time one would be outside testing near a suspected contaminated tank or other equipment hit by DU rounds. The material is still HOT for years and years! Marking and GPS location mapping is a must. Encapsulating or sealing with Concrete pour may be the best and quickest method to decontaminate the equipment. Medical professionals can advise and the UN plus foreign press can safely stay back with film crews to give a picture to the WORLD what is being done and where! When PRESS is involved and Al-Jazeera or other TV volunteers send the SAT feeds ALL FIGHTING MUST STOP WORLDWIDE to allow the teams to do their jobs!

WORLD PEACE will be achieved for the alternate is keep fighting and DIE!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
A Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA
Phone: 813-286-2333



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