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We the people will not be chipped
Thu Dec 14, 2006 19:12

We the people will not be chipped
8 min 29 sec - Jul 22, 2006


This is a video to awaken the sheeple who believe microchipping the human population is a good thing.

So now are you going to do your ... all homework and understand these words and terms below?: Human Chipping, Verichip, IBM , Nazi Germany , Hollerith Machine, George Orwell, 1984 , Mark of the beast, DNA chip, Forced chipping, identity protection, world database, cyborg, biometrics ,


Michael Treis
"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion." - Aristotle

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