INTERVIEW: RE: United States v. George W. Bu

INTERVIEW: RE: United States v. George W. Bu
Fri Dec 8, 2006 14:56

12/8/06 "The Charles Goyette Show" 1100 AM KNFX Phx AZ
INTERVIEW: RE: United States v. George W. Bush et al.

United States v. George W. Bush et al.
Thu Dec 7, 2006 19:33



Iraq War Report

Three of the nation's leading political analysts debate whether the Iraq Study Group's recommendations for U.S. strategy in Iraq will be ignored by President Bush.


Tomgram: Elizabeth de la Vega, Bringing Bush to Court

Keep in mind, I've run for only a few years, but I've been a book editor in mainstream publishing for over 30 years. Sometime last spring, I was on the phone with former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega talking about books she might someday write, when she suddenly said to me, "You know what I'd like to do?" When I asked what, she replied, "What I've done all my life."


Title 18 sec 371

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 19 > 371

371. Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States

If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
If, however, the offense, the commission of which is the object of the conspiracy, is a misdemeanor only, the punishment for such conspiracy shall not exceed the maximum punishment provided for such misdemeanor.


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