If NOT a Congresswoman WHO can do it?
Sat Dec 9, 2006 01:13

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are looking at a Congresswoman who has submitted something to cause the Entire CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES to entertain Impeaching the President of the United States. Nancy Pelosi cannot STOP CONSIDERATION OF THE DOCUMENT NOR BLOCK SAME FROM BEING GIVEN TO ALL OF THE CONGRESS!

The Vice President, Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Secretary of Defense plus Secretary of State will no doubt be added to the list of people who should be impeached and CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL ACTS SUCH AS MURDER AND TREASON! If this Congresswoman is NOT granted permission to filed a document reflecting what some 90 percent of the United States KNOW is a necessary investigation and action... who can do it?

In short... IF NOT MCKINNEY then WHO?

BUSH MUST BE IMPEACHED TO SAVE AMERICA! The impeachment and subsequent Criminal Investigation will let Mr. Bush be joined by others WHO KNEW, AIDED AND ABETTED TREASON AND MURDER PLUS OTHER CRIMES! The Canary complex will spread and more will sell out their powerful friends to save their own lives and get reduced prison terms or better yet WITNESS PROTECTION!

Thank you Congresswoman McKinney. You are an American Congresswoman listening to the PUBLIC and those familes who have lost friends, relatives, sons, daughters and grand children to a WAR which should never have started! You made a mistake no doubt with the Officer and apologized for error.

Mr. Bush and his STAFF have killed, stolen perhaps Billions if not Trillions of Dollars and even been suspected of TREASON involving 911 and IRAQ MURDERS! No apology and not one single admission of fault or guilt plus we are all going to die if the United Nations Security Council does not intervene and stop the DU Weapons use plus order America and ALLIES to clean up contamination and treat ALL military and Civilians infected and exposed.


Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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