Sun Dec 10, 2006 04:02

This week the crackpot leader of Fiji's Military Forces Navy Commodore Frank Bainimarama took over control of Fiji in an Military Coup,the fourth in 20 years, stating he was unhappy at the way the democratically elected Government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase were running the country, and they would not change things to his liking.

In a display of moronic ignorance soldiers from the Fiji military entered the Senate while it was sitting and ousted all Senators and then closed the Parliament.

Meanwhile Slimy-Banana was out playing football with his troops, before disappearing from sight.

The Prime Minister was exiled to his original home on an outlying island, and other persons who opposed the Military takeover were rounded up and jailed. The Media were directed not to brodcast anything without the approval of the Military.

In an attempt to legitimise his illegal and unconstitutional takeover Commodore Slimy-Banana appointed a caretaker Prime Minister Jona Senilagakali, who promptly stated it could be more than two years before new elections were called. How convenient!

The real Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase called on Australia for Military Intervention but the Australian Prime Minister was busy watching the Test Cricket Series against England, besides which Australian Troops were spread thin fighting illegal wars all over the planet for the USA and Israel, and as we all know Fiji doesn't have any oil, so the PM refused, stating he didn't want to see Australian Troops killing Fiji Military and vice-versa, despite having sent Australian troops to East Timor, the Solomon Islands and to Tonga at the request of their respective Governments.

The wishy washy Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer stated Australia would cancel Defence co-operation with Fiji - Big deal! And Fiji was expelled once again for the Commonwealth - I'm sure that will be devastating to the Coup leader.

The United States and Britain said the Coup was deplorable, as did the United Nations and New Zealand, but as usual nobody did anything to rescue the democratically elected Government thus sending the usual signal to would- be Dictators that it was OK to take over your country as long as you were of no interest to the morons who run the world.

To demonstrate how stupid the current Coup leader is, one of the things he was upset about was the possibility of the Government being lenient on the leaders of the previous coup from 5 years ago.

Let's hope somehow the tide turns and Commodore Slimy-Banana finds himself in Jail and facing the music for his traitorous acts.

Perhaps in this instance the Firing Squad for him and his co-conspirators might send a strong enough message to future plotters that wish to bring down Democratically elected Governments.

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