Rest Easy Marine. Veteran's will help quickly!
Sun Dec 10, 2006 20:43

Semper Fi Marine:

You follow all lawful orders and let the Veteran's on the Outside take up your battles concerning our American Government. Steps are already being taken to bring a President and anyone else to task over the WAR in Iraq.

Tonight I visited a Major who is a tank commander and realized HE was unaware there were any items like the RADTriage dosimeter which can be attached to the inside of those tanks as he deploys this month with many others. It seems they take command relieving other tank commanders and those tanks have been IN COUNTRY for years carrying the Depleted Uranium weapons. The Major will paste one dosimeter immediately inside HIS assigned tank. Wearing the other one which we gave him, with the promise that he must give one of his Command Sgt. Major's one to show the troops before they leave, he now is in the proud possession of one I ISSUED to the 0-4 today.

Go to  and look below the Video (Which he saw today) and see the RADTriage dosimeter and how easy it is to read. My concern is ALL TANKS are already HOT with radiation and no one is given anything to check their level of radiation let alone tested for DU particles in the Urine! It will come Marine! Be patient with us old timers as we fight daily to get this message to other men and women - military or civilian!

Happy Belated Birthday for the beloved Corps!

Keep youself safe Marine! If not look for me on patrol later!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
121006 2042 HRS Eastern

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