Failure to realize real Danger is a Fear to behold!
Sun Dec 10, 2006 21:04


I realize many people do not like to be riled up but remember when it is confirmed that there is a real danger coming which could very well wipe out all Humanity as we know it, fear becomes necessary to survival. When the Atomic Age came a magazine called Mother Earth News was put on the stands which told people how to build fallout shelters. Those were great and in some areas the same design has saved thousands in a Tornado or SNOWSTORM.

When you hear of Depleted Uranium think of something 60 percent as radioactive as PURE Uranium. Remember particles small perhaps like less than 1 micron cannot be filtered out any one would breathe them into lungs. Asbestos particles, silica particles, dust particles and Depleted Uranium Particles are a threat to the health of anyone and lead to death by smothering as your lungs encapsulate the particles... how much scar tissue can you have before a lung is not able to transfer Oxygen and you die? My concern was reflected tonight by a 0-4 (Major) who is a tank commander and I asked him several pointed questions about the duty he has returning to Iraq.

What struck me is that his TANK has armor plating with Depleted Uranium to withstand Mortar Rounds but no tank can stop a Depleted Uranium Weapon type of munition. The Gulf War Vets will tell you how the enemy was destroyed and very few casualties. Imagine the casualties all across the WORLD if these weapons now in the hands of some 29 Nations are hijacked, pilfered or stolen. Tanks in the sandbox are LOCKED at night... Every day a count is done to see that all DU munitions are still in the tank!

Go to  and see the articles and listen to those Veteran's who KNOW what is going to happen if the FEAR OF CONTAMINATION does not kick in soon and America and those Allied Nations are allowed to keep using the DU weapons worldwide! You too can send e-mails to or our President, Congress, Vice President and local politicians... especially if YOUR city is near a base where these polluted the earth, air, water and food chain of animals at Bases such as Eglin AFB Bombing Range, Avon Park Bombing Range in Florida. It is there and the equipment struck are there just allowing further radiation and contamination.

At my age, and with Ruth DeLaMater Bundy, my partner at 76 we have asked to be allowed to appear at the UN to stop DU.

You can volunteer, you can make up teeshirts with the BANNER RADIAC LOGO IN BLACK OVER A RADIAC YELLOW TEESHIRT then wear it every day of your life everywhere! You can encourage everyone you know to take the JPEG of the BANNER to a local store and make a 8X8 print in Color, put another on the back, laminate it and place it on all windows INSIDE of your vehicle and place one on the DASH to get the message out!

Your help and FEAR would be appreciated! Ruth and I wear our DOSIMETER DAILY! You can give them to military or civilians rotating into the battle areas! It will get the message to all commanders and they cost $20 yet are good for ONE YEAR! You can read them weekly, monthly or whenever!

Spock said "Live long and prosper!" It makes sense to try!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
121006 2002 HRS Eastern

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