New York Times Op-Ed Writer: "Slug" the President of the US
Wed Dec 6, 2006 02:53

Text of fax broadcast:
NEW YORK, NEW YORK * 6 DECEMBER 2006 Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and strongly condemns New York Times Op-Ed columnist Frank Rich's 3 December 2006 published suggestion that "a timely slug" from a newly-elected senator would have brought President Bush to his senses at a recent Washington reception (See article: at the end of the 11th paragraph). Citizen St. John adds that Rich's article is not the first instance of a Zionist's egging on a goy to resort to violence, but Rich surpasses all known levels of chutzpah in that Bush has indeed already accomplished the Zionist mission to create chaos in Iraq by means of an unjustified, immoral and illegal invasion, for which the New York Times was first and foremost as cheerleader. Two more notable examples of Zioni st egging on of others to commit acts of violence include Thomas Friedman's call for someone to shoot Saddam Hussein in the head ("Head Shot" 6 November 1997) five full years before all the lies about WMDs in Iraq were finally put to rest and Jewish Press columnist Paul Eidelberg's incitement for the violent overthrow of the Rabin government in a 3 November 1995 article that was on newsstands in New York and Tel Aviv the very day Rabin was killed. Now the Zionist strategy is to stand back and steer emotions and debate toward conduct of the war rather than the supreme war crime of a premeditated war of aggression based on demonstrable lies about 9/11 and WMDs in Iraq. Citizen St. John repeats his assertion that Talmud-sanctioned Zionists operate in an as yet unfathomed world of private contractors in Iraq where they promote the Zionist goal of sectarian division, which gives the USA a pretext to stay in Iraq and cleverly to blame Syria and Iran.

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