To die, or not to die?
Sun Dec 10, 2006 19:44

To die, or not to die?
Posted: May 31, 2001
1:00 a.m. Eastern

In less than two weeks, barring a dramatic change of heart in Attorney General John Ashcroft, the most important piece of evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing six years ago will be destroyed.

That "evidence," as ironic as it sounds, is Timothy McVeigh. Only McVeigh can piece together the rapidly-changing puzzle that is the OKC bombing case, yet Ashcroft wants to kill this evidence despite lots of other evidence that is beginning to refute what we thought we knew about the Alfred P. Murrah Building attack April 19, 1995.

I find that incredible, especially given these facts:

* Just this week, former FBI agents stepped forward in interviews with CBS News' "60 Minutes II," to reveal that evidence they gathered in the original OKC bombing investigation was either routed "inappropriately" (let's just put it that way), or was intentionally buried;

* New evidence has all but laid the blame for the attack squarely on a cell of white racists, a group of which McVeigh and, possibly, his co-conspirator Terry Nichols, were involved;

* As WND has previously reported, this group – known as the Aryan Republican Army (modeled, in part, after the Irish Republican Army, according to documents) – frequented a place called Elohim City, Okla., a place that was also infiltrated by federal agents and was, at one time, being considered for a raid in the weeks before the bombing;

* Sources tell me that the movements and activities of McVeigh and these known ARA members were nearly identical, years before the Murrah building was attacked;

* One figure, former German Army officer Andreas Strassmeir, has been implicated by several sources as a prime "mover and shaker" within the Elohim City community. Some have even suggested he may have purposely instigated the attack at the behest of the U.S. government, which had been monitoring the ARA and its white supremacist, vehemently anti-government movement. At a minimum, sources tell me Strassmeir was still in the German Army during much of his contact with ARA members (and McVeigh) and quite possibly during his Elohim City days.

There is other anecdotal evidence as well.

According to a grand jury indictment against some ARA members in January 1997, ARA members Scott A. Stedeford, Kevin W. McCarthy and Mark W. Thomas were in Oklahoma April 14, 1995 – just five days before the bombing – to purchase a white 1983 Chevrolet Surburban.

Part of the modus operandi of these ARA members, who were eventually indicted for robbing banks throughout a four-state area in the Midwest, was to purchase older, "throwaway" vehicles to do their jobs and conduct other "business." On April 19, 1995, you may remember, McVeigh was eventually arrested driving an old Mercury Marquis. And other witnesses reported seeing an old brown pickup truck driven by persons seen with McVeigh in the days before the bombing near the Murrah building that fateful morning.

Also, according to the 1997 indictment, "sometime between August 16, 1995 and August 30, 1995, defendant Scott Anthony Stedeford drove to the Elohim City, Oklahoma area and picked up defendant Michael William Brescia. …"

McVeigh was known to hang out at Elohim City, and personally I find it more than just a coincidence that these men were in Oklahoma, and in particular Elohim City, in the days before and weeks after the bombing.

Since news broke that the FBI, as usual, belatedly "found" evidence that has yet to be turned over to McVeigh's original defense team, Ashcroft and the Justice Department's mantra has now become robotic: "Nothing in those documents exonerate McVeigh," so he should be executed as scheduled, and, well, you know, case closed.

But here's the thing – no one; not WND, not the sources we are speaking with, no one – is asserting that McVeigh is innocent. He's not. That's been established and there is no arguing it. However, in this instance, that's also irrelevant.

The larger point is this: FBI malfeasance, coupled with so much other evidence, suggests McVeigh was anything but the lone "nut" bomber the government has made him out to be. He is a "nut," to be sure, but he wasn't alone, either.

Worse, the government knew – it knew – the other principles that were likely involved in this tragedy. One agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms – acting on a tip from one of its own informants – even planned to raid Elohim City at one point, to arrest the alleged suspects who were already planning to use their stolen bank cash to finance a major terrorist attack.

Yet – perhaps not so ironically – sources say it was the FBI that thwarted those raid plans. Also, I find it highly suspicious that it was the Justice Department, which "manages" the FBI, that ended up bringing bogus charges against the BATF's informant, Carol Howe.

Now, years later, we even have former FBI agents claiming that evidence they personally gathered, that could have proved beneficial to McVeigh, was also never turned in to the head office or turned over to McVeigh's defense team.

Given all this, why in God's name would a man who purports to be such a Christian ignore this evidence? Also, why would an administration that didn't have a damned thing to do with botching the OKC investigation in the first place want to behave like its predecessor, which so obviously did botch the investigation – or thwarted it, or hid key evidence in it, or something?

Nobody is asking Ashcroft to delay McVeigh's death sentence indefinitely, unless new evidence eventually produces grounds for a new trial – which, again, couldn't be blamed on the Bush administration.

Critics, including me, are simply asking Ashcroft and the Justice Department to look into all of this again, so that all guilty parties can be brought up on charges. We owe this to the families of the 168 victims.

Or, is there so much at stake here – perhaps between Washington and a foreign friendly government (Strassmeir comes to mind) – that no administration dare risk letting Americans, or the world, know the full truth?

Some people I have spoken to think that's the whole problem in an nutshell. We'll see.


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