Roger Rancor
The Truth Exposed: The Media Should Stop Hiding.
Wed Dec 6, 2006 13:32

Hiding and Lying are the same thing, in today's world....

We are no longer playing games with you, or any of the media.

You witness a serious and threatening crime relating to National Security, you report on it.
We're doing this for a Jewish woman and her family, not for you. Its to show the world just how much censorship there truly is out there. You know it.

You see its a fact that not only the corporate media, is fully pro corrupt Zionist.

But the online media is as well, and we have the proof.
You may think you can hide, but you can't. No other places censor CIA agent Seymour Hersh's comments when he spreads the word of this crime. There isn't another which censors his very name. It happens to be yours, DailyKOS, LittleGreenFootballs and the many right/left wing pro-Zionist sites. Are you that horrified of the truth, that your friends in AIPAC....corrupt Frankist Zionists, for a fact did this? Over and over again.

You see Brad in the end, we have millions more people who visit ours. Your name is going to be mud, just like the New York Times and many others. And not because of what we say by any means. Because of the simple fact that the uncensored truth is being exposed, and our whistleblowers are exposing it.

Have a nice day. "

National Whistleblower Hotline

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