Michael Treis
Time to Fite Back and the vehicle to do it with!
Wed Dec 6, 2006 14:53

We got permission from Aaron Russo to put his film America Freedom to Facisim on DVD as the headline film for your TV DVD player,but when you put it in your computer DVD you have access to over 21 hours of video and other related material.
We are doing this not profit in quantities of 25-50-100 at a buck each which INCLUDES shipping(in US).We are NOT a 501(c)3 ministry and use no commercial banks send US Postal Money Orders ONLY!
We have to get these DVDs in everyone's hands! We have not had a vehicle to fight the NWO like this until now.

Yahshua Messiah's
Sabbath Day Ministry
C/O general delivery USPO
Waxahachie, Texas (75165)

Thanks Ken!

Pastor Michael Treis

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