Criminal trespass by county Health Inspector
Thu Dec 7, 2006 12:29

An interview with the author of this video will be broadcast Friday night at Midnight on revereradio.net. More people need to start standing up for their rights. However there will be many who agree with the actions of this arrogant Bit* and the inaction of the deputy (mostly government employees and those who think that government needs to control people specifically those who do not understand what the constitution is all about). It has also set a precedent that this agency can act in this fascist manner and get away with it. It is truly a sad state of affairs and getting worse everyday, but only when there is no more food, no more beer and no more football on TV will the insurgents within this nation start to rise up and take this nation back from the fat assed politicians and seditious and treasonous lawyers (liars) in black robes.
video is at

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