Operation Shekinah.. Fantasy?

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Operation Shekinah.. Fantasy?
Sun Dec 5, 2004 23:47

Operation Shekinah.. Fantasy?

This exposure of a further Mossadplanes was inferred from the InterNet. It is open the reader to place the following statements in question to examine or however critically and to discover a further valuable component of a complex puzzle.

At the beginning of March 2001 received the senior agent of one of the prominent European secret services in Tel Aviv valuable pieces of news.

Before the background of increasing international resistance regarding the suppression of the Palestinians the Israeli cabinet met to the advising beat from ways to the Okkupation of the remainder of Palestine, with or without assistance the most important allied USA or the "international community".

At this time the cabinet had still no conception that the main topic of this meeting was one of the principal reasons for the attack on the WTC in September 2001.

The Israeli cabinet was deeply anxious. Despite effective control of the western media by the zionistisch American lobby the risk rose itself increasing sanctions. The at the beginning of the sanctions manifested itself in leaving weapon supplies, followed from shortened financial assistances payment-indignantly more American - and German! - taxpayers. The perfect attitude of the financial assistances represented the supergau.

In the case of a reversal of opinion an oil embargo threatened by the USA and Europe. Without own natural oil reserves and with only limited stored quantities a stop of the enormous military machinery would be pre-programmed. To that extent the Israeli cabinet had an alternative source of free oil to find - within a short time.

Possibly oriented yourself the planning of operation Shekinah at the process of existing pipelines of Israel: These lead to the Iraq, Iran and to Saudi Arabia.

In this way one finds a reason for the nationality of most of the 19 assassins also fast, from whom well-known-measured a large part as can be prove alive is.

At earlier times Israel had still better economical and diplomatic contacts to these countries, by the being missing oil deliveries mutated however a state after other too so-called "rogue states".

But now, when Prime Minister Putin terminated plundering Russia by the almost exclusively zionistischen Israeli Oligarchen, also the free oil deliveries stopped on the part of Chodorkowskys "Lukoil".

In shortest time the which is running economic crisis escalated, since Israel had not paid ever something for the oil deliveries. And the confrontation with the high oil prices met Israel deeply in the heart.

Accurate plans prepared for landing strips of Israeli airplanes in the south Iraq as well as for assembly and repair act ions. In this connection the Israelis allied themselves with the Shiites, the erbittertsten opponents Saddam Husseins, which live in the south. Economic advantages as well as full freedom of movement were assured to them.

There are substantial references that the intensified measures of the USA accompanied and from Great Britain to the penetration of the grounding zones in the south Iraq with the beginning of the operation Shekinah, with which it came to increasing activities of the starting operation.

Is of special importance the initial at the beginning of the operation mentioned: the 2.Oktober 2001, 21 days after the failed Mossadanschlag on the WTC!

The Afganistan war

This war came of to an emergency lie of the US president, who with the best will everything could say, not the truth. It contradicted earlier statements on the part of CNN, which wanted to push the act of a Palestinian organization into the shoes - completely in the sense of Israel.

It was the result of the failed Mossadanschlages!

After consultation with its advisors he remembered himself ready-lying plans for the conquest of Afghanistan, which lay already for some time in the drawers. Afganistan stood for several reasons on the "black list":

* Afghanistan had interrupted and was the negotiations with the USA of reference of the planned pipeline construction in intensive discussions with Chinese representatives.
* The Afghan drug trade stood in the competition with that of the CIA
* All pipelines from the southern republics of the former Soviet Union led the outstanding geopolitical situation by Afghanistan, made special measures necessary

The Iraq war

The Iraq war did not have to do anything from this aspect with the removal of the rogue Hussein with all its massenvernichtungswaffen, but went exclusively around saving after the failed operations "WTC 2001" as well as "Shekinah" which was to be saved.

After the "operation Shekinah" threatened to fail, now "operation Iraqui Freedom", a new dimension of total medium disinformations and at the same time a total miss started.

The vorrausgehende medium agitation resembles the war on astonishing wise the anti-German productions after the declaration of war of the Jews against Germany - see www.google.de : "Judea of declares was against Germany". Amazingly also the parallels to Hitler: Both were brought, financed, rigged first by the establishment of the USA to power and "dismantled" then.

The military victory against for many years the country gebeutelte by UN sanctions was only one question of the time, but desired economic success remained not ending out due to maroder infrastructure of the oil conveyor plants as well as wanting breakups of the pipelines to Israel.

But not only economically, but this war became above all political a disaster: after coincidental becoming known of the dimension of tortures the elections led to substantial losses of the neokonservativen governments of Great Britain and Spain.

Also the Mossadanschlag on Madrid to 11.3.2004 was not able to let jump up the Spaniards on the course of the Fremdemlegion into the Near East, in the opposite, after the logging-off Aznars withdrew to Spain its troops from the Iraq.

Operation Shekinah was simply no luck given.

The war against Syria

After apparently all vorrausgehenden operations had failed defacto, now obviously a new operation was to defeat the war luck: "operation Syria Freedom".

Since the oil pipelines of the Iraq lead by Syria to Israel, a further, but solvable problem places itself.

Everything began with statements like "Syria accommodates massenvernichtungswaffen", "Syria supported the Iraq with technical equipment" or Syria supports groupings of terror ".

The substantial commercial sanctions in May 2004 against Syria as well as freezing Syrian assets speak a clear language. The troop marching-up of Israel starting from May 2004 shows the clear interest situation.

The pumping stations in the desert

On the first day of the operation Iraqi Freedom deployed the British and Australian SAS (special-purpose force) in the western desert Iraq, around two strategically important landing fields with code names H-2 and H-3 "to protect". There was the suspicion, it could be used, in order to become related as "launch emplacement for Scud rockets".

Now, everyone from the UN uN-Generalsekretariat to the weapon inspector knew that the Iraq possessed no more Scud rockets, the last rockets had been already scrapped years ago.

In Australia these messages followed from attendance and telephone calls of the former Israeli Prime Minister Barak as well as prime minister Sharon, which the Australian prime minister Howard thanked you for of Australia protection against of Iraq Scud rockets.

Thus, for what Israeli prime ministers thanked you equal two? The short answer was, strips "H2" and "H3" means "Haifa 2" and "Haifa 3", critical pumping stations of the oil pipeline, which originally led from Mossul in the north Iraq after Haifa in Israel.

This pipeline supplied until 1948 oil at Israel, with which invasion of Israel in Palestine the supplies became terminated. Over this pipeline oil flowed to Jordan - free - as thank beautiful for the support of Jordan in the Gulf War 1990 - 1991.

From an inexplicable coincidence demanded Bush, Blair and Howard the employment of the best special-purpose forces along a line, which was congruent with the process of the pipeline after Haifa.

But certain references are indeterminable that the demonstration of British jeeps, rocket launcher, machine guns stands shown in Mossul, from the transmitter aluminium Jazeera, in connection with larger confrontations with the Iraqi army. The exact extent of the losses this Israeli favour was never published.

In accordance with reports of the Russian military secret service (GRU) tactical attack units of the 82 became. American airborne division as well as 22. British SAS regiment with meet-long battles with Iraqi troops destroys.

The pipeline Mossul Haifa was not general a component of the operation Shekinah, however obviously into the measure package was optionally included.

The new Rotterdam

The background of these procedures is appropriate in the plans to thus develop at the Mediterranean a new Rotterdam, a new oelhafen with for resource and independence of Israel to be drastically increased is.

A prominent Tel Aviver newspaper explains: "the Israeli Minister for national infrastructures Yoseph Paritzky meets already with the Jordanian official one because of the Mossul Haifa pipeline in the acceptance that a pro-Western government is to be inserted use the Iraq after the war".

According to Paritzky Haifa can transform into the Rotterdam of the Mediterranean.

Which concealed the newspaper, the instruction of the war criminal was Ariel Sharon at undersecretary of state Colin Powell regarding the immediate admission of the oil production.

"The Hidden History of Zionism" -- US Government Controlled by ...
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