The Reich Gains Another Judge--Mark Mandio appointed judge
Sat Dec 2, 2006 15:11

In 2002, I tendered a report to the Special Prosecutions Unit of the Riverside District Attorney's office. My mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, formerly of Temecula, California, had suffered an attempt on her life in June of 2002, under Conservatorship of Melodie Z.Scott (legal work done by J. David Horspool of Redlands). The police report, tendered by the Temecula Police Department, had lied concerning the evidence.

The Temecula P.D. Detective assigned to the case, John Davis, told me repeatedly he was "too busy" to investigate. When a witness, Mo Ferri, called the Police Department to offer a statement, she was rudely turned away.

Armed with the actual evidence from the scene of the crime, and other indications of attempted murder, I submitted a report to Special Prosecutions in November of 2002. When I called ten days later to track the report, I was told it had been received and assigned to one A.D.A. named Mark Mandio. I was also told that Mandio had just left on a sabbatical, to return on January 6, 2003.

When I called in 2003 to follow up, Mandio refused to return my calls. I then requested a Los Angeles attorney named Jeff Lustman to contact Mandio for me. According to Lustman, Mandio had a message for me: "Please don't call."

According to Special Prosecutions, the report was logged in but no action was taken. Curiously enough, the report itself has "disappeared."

Last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Mark Mandio to the bench on the Riverside Superior Court.

Judge Stephen Cunnison, Riverside Superior Court clearly operated outside of the law in reference to my mother's and my rights. On August 1, 2002 he violated my right to due process, which is patently unconstitutional. Cunnison's actions in this case resulted in the destruction of my family and my mother's early death.

Now, Mark Mandio joins Stephen Cunnison on the Riverside Superior Court bench.

I need to ask, what other crimes has Mandio covered up?

There are many who believe that the Military Commissions Act delivered the death blow to our rights in this country. With criminals like Mandio being appointed to positions of nearly unimpeachable authority, the "checks and balances" which supposedly protect us become a mockery. A judge is only as fair as the man beneath the robe.

Mandio covered up a felony. Period. This makes him an accessory after the fact in an attempted murder, which, given the circumstances which followed, appears to have escalated to murder.

And I am still asking this question: How did my mother die?

A Seattle television station aired the following video, discussing this crime and its political implications:
"First They Came for Amalie"

The following article also provides details:
"The War Comes Hom" (sic)

Janet C. Phelan

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