12/03 -4 PM EST: 911bloglines.com on blogtalkradio.com
Sat Dec 2, 2006 21:13

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Subject: 12/03 -4 PM EST: 911bloglines.com on blogtalkradio.com
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 19:25:09 -0500
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December 2, 2006
12/03 -4 PM EST: 911bloglines.com on blogtalkradio.com

By ewing2001

12/03: 911bloglines.com will officially premiere on blogtalkradio.com

(and longer, with after party skype talk and chat on skype and/or
either skypecast)

More Infos available on Sunday, 12/03, also at


Dial In Number after 4 PM EST: (646) 915-8986


In case there will be technical problems, the live call-in show (to be
be uploaded as MP3 and available sunday night) will move to SKYPE into
some conference talks and possibly recorded as well. Channel:
ewing2001 (no skypecast!)

Topics: Updates from 911bloglines.com, the latest Pentagon-Hotel
Video,Orwellianisation of the 9/11 truthling movement, Star Wars at
the Top of the 9/11 Truthlings, Censorship and News from
911blogger.com, latest hangout news, PIP TV watch, Web 2.0/3.0 tools,
Pranks and Spoofs, some YouTube fade-in videos (Jones paper not peer
review) and much more.

Music from our Playlist at: http://www.pandora.com/people/nicohaupt2

Expected Airplay Time: 1-2 hours (plus after-party chat and skype time)

Expected 'Guests':

Killtown, Total911, possibly also "redpill", Amy Domestico, Tom Gordon
and everyone who has a skype or "skype-calls" into the show. The skype
talk is free.

The radio show will be commercial free.

911bloglines.com will have no problems to talk with 9/11 truthlings or

if they wanna talk or express their "disgust" about us ; )

We also tried to skype Rick Siegel, Jimmy Walter, Webster Tarpley,
Inphoman, Gerard Holmgren, TheCoffinman, Jon Pratt,Mathana News,
PeggyCarter, TheWebfairy, ThoughtCriminal UK, but everyone was too
busy or had problems with either headset or technical settings. We
hope we will get some of them into the show in special segments.

We will try to reach any of them until tomorrow...

* Posted on: Sat, Dec 2 2006

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