dave connors
MORE on the phony "$" scam
Mon Dec 4, 2006 02:51

We MUST eliminate the "Federal" Reserve scam! Note that the perpe-traitors of this "Central Bank" counterfeiting-under-color-of law SCAM buy a bill of any deomination from the Beurau of Printing at the cost of Paper and Ink! (~ 3 cents!) In fact, I have an official letter from the Beurau of Engraving and Printing admitting this! These mass-murdering conmen then LEND these bills back to the fed govt at face value( bonds) plus compound interest which is collected via the income tax! (None of your IRS payments go to any federal programs, just into the pockets of the Central bank scammers who then create and lend MORE of their private 3 cent paper and ink to the fed govt at more face value (bonds) and more interest....etc. etc. Mayer Rothschild( real name Bauer) started this scam in the 1700's in England. He had 5 sons which then initiated the same scam in France, Germany, etc. The Ratchilds have over $100 TRILLION and this increases by $Billions daily through this evil stealing/monopoly of the medium of exchange. As the wife of Mayer Ratchild said: "If my sons didn't want wars, there would be no wars" .( Wars are the biggest , fastest way to get the govts to borrow (at face value + interest !) huge quantities of the Ratchild "$" . ) . As Rep Trafficant (now in prison on frame-up) noted , your house, car, and even LABOR are pledged by the Congress as collateral on the Ratchilds' loans (of what is supposed to be our own $ !) . They are using "terror" to create the police state to confiscate everything from everyone (collecting their "collateral" .Soldiers,etc., are "collateral damage" . I read once-though have no proof-that there are insurance policies that the Rats collect on every killed soldier-something like "Tarantine(?)insurance policy(anyone have any more info on this?) Note also that there are a few lesser conspirators who own this "Class A" stock (which the fereal govt is prevented from owning under federal law! see 12 USC sec 284 et seq) in this mammoth swindle of the world; viz, Rottenfellers (~ $10 Trillion), and Warburgs. If we don't stop using their parasitic "$", we will all be dead or enslaved very soon! (geometric progression!)dc Great article/link here:


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