by Max Kolskegg
9/11 & The Global Fascist Terror State
Sun Dec 3, 2006 19:23

9/11 In Context: Plans and Counterplans
by Max Kolskegg

The Global Fascist Terror State

The resurgence of the anticapitalist movement in the 1990s was largely a response to major initiatives taken by the ruling class in powerful states, against the wishes of their populations, led by the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and the biggest multinational corporations, to create a "New World Order" based not on the sovereignty of the nation state, but on one global corporate-dominated "superstate". Several rounds of "trade talks" resulted in formation of the World Trade Organization, a closed, undemocratic mechanism designed to eliminate all national sovereign powers over the terms of trade and investment, allowing completely unconstrained penetration and movement of capital and commodities as dictated by "market forces".

The arrival of the WTO on the scene symbolizes entry into the final phase of the "real subsumption" of society by capitalism. As the strongest vestigial precapitalist social form, the nation state is the last to be completely transformed in the image of pure, unfettered capitalist social relations. Other forms (the family, the "professions", the individual human psyche) have long been recast by capitalism. Now, finally, the roles of states and corporations are to be reversed, with corporations setting the rules by which nations will be regulated. States are to be reduced to little more than population control units, essentially nothing but domestic police agencies. With the right mix of propaganda, soporifics, toys, and the threat of hunger, the wage slaves of this new order will be kept in line. As the starry-eyed planners of capital view it, a worldwide "level playing field" will come into being, "harmonizing" the conditions of production and profit-making, to the benefit of the capitalist system and class as a whole. This is the "egalitarian capitalist" utopia long envisioned by planning bodies such as the Trilateral Commission, with members from Japan and Europe as well as the U.S. The World Trade Organization is their "hopeful monster". Perhaps the proper analytical term to describe it is Bertram Gross' "friendly fascism".

There is just one problem, as the events of September 11 demonstrated. The U.S. Secret Team and its lesser allied satellite groups, the state/corporate criminal gang now in complete command of the U.S. government after the seizure of power in 2000, have different plans. They are well along in the realization of an alternative vision of the capitalist future: the Global Fascist Terror State, a "Fourth Reich" with the U.S. as its "capital". This will indeed be the "unfriendly" version of fascism, akin to that of the Nazis, but updated and vastly expanded in its reach and power over the whole planet. Hitler was a schoolyard bully compared to the mob now in power.

The Bush family has been deeply involved with the rise of fascism since its early years. Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, great-grandfather and grandfather respectively of the current occupier of the White House, were bankers for and business partners with the German Nazi Party. The CIA milieu in which George H. W. Bush, with his fine pedigree, first throve as an agent and rose to prominence through the '50s and '60s, and then became Director in 1976, was steeped in Nazis of all kinds, brought to the U.S. through the CIA's Operation Paperclip. Indeed, strong arguments have been put forward that the CIA owes its origins as much to the efforts of Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi overseer of Eastern European intelligence and special operations, as it does to his Wall Street partners. The Germans lost World War II, but the Nazis didn't. They just went "underground", until their services were wanted by the capitalists again, and on a much larger stage, the world.

Analysts of fascism frequently make the mistake of viewing it as bound to the "stage" of "late monopoly capitalism", in which the concentration of ownership and wealth within narrow sectors of the capitalist class has become so great that the trappings of "democracy" must be dispensed with and totalitarian methods employed to maintain social control. In fact this analysis is false. Fascism is just one pole of capitalist political possibility, available for selection by the ruling class for specific purposes at specific times. The conditions in Germany, Italy, and Japan in the '20s, '30s and '40s did not meet the conditions described by the term "late monopoly capitalism"; compared to today, there was nothing "late" about them.

In fact fascism, a merging of the state with the dominant corporate sectors — banks, finance, arms, energy — is just one variety of a more broadly dominant form of capitalism during the twentieth century, state capitalism, which existed in the Soviet Union as well at the time (the similarities between Soviet and fascist societies are not accidental!), and was experimented with to a lesser degree even in the U.S., during the New Deal. It is an option available to the ruling class to deal with a set of issues that repeatedly become intractable as the crisis-ridden history of capitalism stumbles on. Capitalism's crises — wars, depressions, stripping of ecosystems — cause death, disease, poverty and unemployment, homelessness and degradation, among the working people of the world, and they are forced to fight back. When the capitalist class gets especially frightened (and they are usually frightened in any case, because of their ineradicable guilt, which cannot be fully repressed) of where resistance to their rule may lead, when they see no other way to support their tyranny, they choose fascism: the police state, concentration camps, wars of aggression, and elimination of the shows of "democracy".

Working people can't prevent this choice on the part of the ruling class; we have no way to prevent it. It is a pole of political organization always available to the modern capitalist class, which they are free to choose. Because of this fact, the fight against fascism is like the fight against Republicans. Putting Democrats in charge just makes things look better, but there is really no difference. Getting rid of fascism to restore fake democracy is the same dilemma. The only solution to the problem is the fight against capitalism.

September 11 announced the advent of the newly globalized "strategy of tension", i.e., the strategy of mass terror through mass murder. All limits on provocation, fake terror, war, propaganda and population control have been removed. The imperial war juggernauts have already said "Let's roll!" (surely you heard them), and started to completely redraw the world map. Soon it will be all one color, a dark blood red. The level playing field doesn't interest them; they like the set-up as it is, with all the advantage on their side. Forced to the sidelines during the long Clinton/Gore period of fraternizing with foreign rivals, the cabal grouped around George H. W. Bush has returned with a vengeance.

This is the reality behind the "shocking unilateralism" of the Bushmob. There is only room for one top dog. The rest of the world can go ahead and figure out how it plans to appease him. Do you snarl and circle around for a few seconds before he pounces for your throat, or do you lie down on your back and make your surrender really clear? These may seem like pressing questions for a short while, but the outcome is certain either way. The weaker corporate/military gangs in weaker countries will choose appeasement, by and large. Look at the poodle Blair in "Great" Britain; the "resistance" put up by Schroeder, Chirac and Putin is pure show for the home audience. Those unfortunate countries with resources of direct and immediate interest to the now unleashed U.S. imperial pitbulls will be slated for attack. The dogs of war have the smell of oil in their snouts, and it drives them mad with bloodlust. Let the killing resume; as Blair put it recently, let the "bloodprice" be paid.

So the war will first unfold in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The map of the Middle East will be redrawn. The deal struck by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ibn Saud in 1945, protection for oil, is over. Now it is your oil or your life. Israel will circle sneakily around the carnage and try to grab all the scraps it can, say the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, maybe even Syria. As the new situation congeals in a new "stability", the imperial hounds will circle and turn their attention to Colombia and Venezuela. No doubt numerous other regions will be considered and perhaps attacked.

As the imperial planners figure it, should the U.S. population begin to weary of perennial war, one of the many special operations units (or several of them in combination) will produce a provocation or fake terror attack to whip them back into a frenzy of fear and war hysteria. The concentration camps of Operation Garden Plot will fill with those who resist. The U.S. "Left" leadership, funded by the CIA through the major foundations, as always, will continue to shill for the "voices of moderation" in the Democratic Party, who will have as much effect on the course of events as the senators had in imperial Rome. Their disagreements will be over methods, not goals; they are all in favor of the Fourth Reich, although they may try to hide the fact from you. If you don't agree with them that this is our inevitable future, it's up to you to prove it to them.

9/11 In Context: Plans and Counterplans
by Max Kolskegg


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