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I've been asking too many questions
Tue Dec 5, 2006 02:51

I've been asking too many questions....

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Subject: Fielda Michelle Looney
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 21:38:33 -0800 (PST)
From: theloonusa

I wrote to you regarding my true story at "The New
Criminologist" last year. It was taken down when the
British site was threatened with "civil lawsuits." I'd
like for you to know I've begun to publish the story
again, with the documents at my blog-site.

Please make note of the site, and feel free to share
it with whomever you wish. Because for the past
eight+ years I have suffered sabotage by criminals to
my home and animals, and stalking, false arrest and
incarceration, intimidation by police, I believe my
Dad's "heart attack" in 1962 while he was "on call"
during the Cuban Missile Crisis, as a Navy Pilot, and
officer was possibly murder, .... and I also believe
the premature deaths of my uncles and my Dad's best
friend, also all USN: silenced them for whatever they
knew. I've been asking too many questions.

Also I am a former political cartoonist, freelance, as
the blogsite will exhibit.

I also believe, if I'm correct, my Dad's death could
lead to the uncovering of those who were and have been
assassinating people in the 1960's and beyond, in
this country.

I believe I've been persecuted, suffered the false
arrests and sabotage to my home and animals because I
am threatening those who wish to keep the truth
concealed. There is no other reason for my
tribulations to be "ongoing" for nearly ten years.

Very truly yours,
Fielda Michelle Looney

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