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Today’s Randi Rhodes Show
Mon Dec 4, 2006 23:12


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Another warmonger is forced out thanks to the November elections. John Bolton – gone. The Bush/Bolton joint announcement is scheduled for 3:30pm ET today.

FLASHBACK: From using the NSA to spy on Colin Powell to forcing his wife into group sex, we shan’t spend much time mourning the downfall of this mustached freak.

A leaked Rumsfeld memo shows that even this giggling killer knows Iraq is a failure. This memo was distributed the day before the elections. Did Rummy know he was on his way out? And if so, is this his attempt to prove that he was just a liar and not an idiot? Full memo text

Is Bush the worst US President ever? Yes, yes he is.

Frank Rich: Has He Started Talking to the Walls?

Paul Krugman: “How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a bully’s ego?”

Meanwhile, regardless of what the BS Iraq Study Group recommends on Wednesday, Bush plans to stay the course.

2006 was another record year for Afghan heroin production. Rock on, Chimpy.

What Afghani police?

Iraq civilian deaths were up 44 percent in November.

Kofi Annan: Iraq is much worse than just a civil war.

Jose Padilla – a glimpse into the life of a US citizen who has been held without charge for nearly 4 years.

And is your boss reading your emails and IM’s? What do you think?

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