Roger Rancor
Message from Jimmy Carter
Mon Dec 4, 2006 19:46

Roger Rancor
Message from Jimmy Carter
Mon Dec 4, 2006 19:41

People seem to be under the extreme misconception that all of these crimes, all of these Freemasonic Zionistic crimes happen because we want them too.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Child abuse, election fraud, and constant coverups of murders and blackmail happen because of one thing.

Because the Globalist Zionists want "Israel" to exist, and want to take over with their ogliarchy.

The truth is, we bow down to them for fear of blackmail and them screaming for not getting what they want.

The truth is however, Israel has no problem existing.

It can exist just fine, its not going to fall apart.

However the Palestinians can not exist, and must all be wiped out, if the Zionstic leaders are allowed to stay.

The Palestinians do have a very grave threat of existing vs not existing.

What we truly need is a seperate Palestinian state, a free Palestine.

Only from there will we start to clean up what is wrong with the world, and get back to democracy.

The truth was in front of us all along, read it and ponder it.

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