Robert gates: In His Own Words

The Wall Street Journal.
Robert Gates: In His Own Words
Tue Dec 5, 2006 13:20

Robert Gates: In His Own Words

I was fortunate that the secretary of defense while I was director of Central Intelligence was Dick Cheney, a well-informed, engaged and constructively critical user of intelligence. He was very supportive in helping to see we had the resources we needed -- or at least were protected from some of the more drastic budget cuts. He was an invaluable partner for me, in the White House and with Congress.

President Bush needs to say unequivocally -- and early on -- that he attaches a high priority to rebuilding U.S. intelligence capabilities, and he needs to ensure that his national security team supports that view. Colin Powell has underscored the need for new resources for the Department of State, and Don Rumsfeld has emphasized the same for the Department of Defense, but Mr. Tenet will need the help of the president and the national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, to ensure that his voice is heard as well. After all, the entire national security team will need high quality intelligence if they are to be successful in protecting and advancing our nation's interests.
--January 2001 commentary in The Wall Street Journal.


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Senate Hearing on Gates Nomination Gets Underway
By Bill Rodgers
Washington, D.C.
05 December 2006

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