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Tue Nov 28, 2006 21:44

There's a book called "Population Control through Nuclear Pollution" written by Drs. John W, Gofman and Arthur R. Tamplin, published in 1970 by Nelson-Hall, out of Chicago.

These gentlemen were involved with the Manhattan Project and continued on to the Los Alamos nuclear weapons development.

They left their affiliation with the gov, becoming disgruntled as many, many scientists did regarding the attitude of our gov towards its military and civilians exposure to nuclear fallout.

When you read about the nuclear testing that took place in this country (1945-?, still going on underground testing "old" nuclear weapons), you will come to realize the degree of lies told to EVERYONE (except those "in the know") about the dangers of nuclear radiation to humans and the environment.

You can get the book in your library or order it on line from a book service.

Then read "The Plutonium Files" written by Eileen Welsome who spent 5 yrs developing her TRUE story regarding the injection of PLUTONIUM into unsuspecting medical patients ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY.

This book is what triggered DOE director Hazel O'Leary to demand, in 1993, that declassification and public access to the CIA, AEC/DOE, VA, etc. documents about the nuclear tests performed by this government and she held hearings to investigate and go on record about the information uncovered.

There was a HREX website through DOE "Open Records" that you could access these docs; HOWEVER< Geogie Porgie shut it down in 5/2004 due to 9/11 security (google HREX and read it). The only way to get the docs NOW is if you already have the document number given to it way back when (ain't that cute! if you have the number, you must the doc already!)

Here are some of the books you can read regarding the nuclear testing, etc.:

Richard Miller's "Under the Cloud" EXCELLENT education!
Philip L Fradkin's "Fallout: An American Nuclear Tragedy"
Howard Ball's "Justice Downwind: America's Atomic Testing Program in the 1950's"


google: "Killing Our Own" a FREE online book that covers the entire nuclear testing era (similar to Miller's "Under the Cloud")

google: "atomic vets" look at their maps of the tracking of some of the fallout;

google: National Radiation Survivors;

google: Downwinders org

google: Port Chicago; suspected of the FIRST nuke explosion at an ammunition loading port by San Diego, BEFORE Trinity;

google:; Nevada Test site; then go to its "historical documents" click and look at the pages after pages after pages of tests (ALL U.S. Tests info released, NOT all the tests, they are still keeping some "secret")


"Nightbreaker" Martin Sheen and his son Emillio;
"Big Man, Little Boy" Paul Newman
"Day One" Brian Dehanney (developing the nuke bomb, very excellent!)

Go read and learn just how exposed to radiation everyone in the world is BECAUSE of this government ( WE started it and others joined in).

Learn how they make DU (it is taken from "used" nuclear rods from nuclear reactors)

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing "depleted" about this DU; it is still VERY VERY radioactive--it's just another way for the gov to lie to the public and military to make them THINK that DU is "harmless" (i.e. plutonium is referred to as the "sunshine drug").

I truly believe that if you are sincere about stopping the development/use of DU in weapons, it is going to take the ENTIRE WORLD standing up and speaking BECAUSE DU is used not only by the U.S BUT many, many other countries, even 3rd world countries who use nuclear reactors have the access and capabilities to develop this deadly crap.

This gov is really not going to have to worry about the Social Security money for baby boomers retiring----we are ALREADY sick and dieing from cancers CAUSED by radiation exposure!!!!

WE are the "bab(ies)y" conceived, born, toddlers,etc. raised during the "boom" (the nuke testing bombs)

Just look around you and count the number of boomers between the ages of 45-65 who have died or are dieing from cancers directly related to radiation caused.

THIS is "population control through nuclear pollution"!

Thank you.

OH yes!! Watch for my forthcoming book "The Big Boys' Toys" regarding my research of this stuff and putting LOTS of info in 1 spot!!

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