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Coast To Coast - Corsi LIED! + Ex-Spy's poison, $69. on Int
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Subject: Corsi LIED! + Ex-Spy's poison, $69. on Internet!
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 18:24:27 -0700
From: Dick Fojut r.fojut@worldnet.att.net
To: George Noory george@coasttocoastam.com

George Noory
Coast To Coast AM radio
From Dick Fojut in Tucson, AZ
1) Anti-Iran Jerome Corsi LIED on your program Wednesday night!
2) Russian ex-spy's poison available on the internet for $69. - SFGate.
George, when Jerome Corsi LIES on your program (and you're aware of it) shouldn't we Noory fans expect you to CORRECT or CHALLENGE Corsi's lies on air? You didn't.
Wednesday night, during your first half hour of Coast To Coast, (ever the obedient Zionist propagandist) Jerome Corsi ONCE AGAIN, claimed that IN AHMADINEJAD'S SPEECH TO THE UN, Iran's President spoke about the (Muslim) "MAHDI" coming back! NOT TRUE!
If you'd read Ahmadinejad's entire UN speech (URL below sent you weeks back), you should have known Corsi was once again NOT telling the truth to your millions of trusting listeners! Here it is again...
Text of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN Address Sept. 22, 2006
Following his repeated lie about Ahmadinejad's UN speech, Corsi then immediately expanded upon that lie by once AGAIN adding his Corsi/Israeli/Beck/Bloom fantasy that Ahmadinejad expects the "Mahdi" to soon rise from a "well," and bring about a (Muslim) "Apocalypse," (especially to destroy Corsi's most cherished country, the Mini-State of Israel) - once Ahmadinejad gets his "suicidal" hands on even ONE nuke to detonate over Israel!
(Note that Corsi as always, ignores the awful reality that the "tiny" belligerent State of Israel is already armed with 600 of its OWN terrifying nukes, as confirmed recently by Seymour Hersh).

Though the charge was earlier made that Ahmadinejad had been a MEMBER of the Iranian group that took over our Embassy, and that charge has been disputed, it didn't stop Jerome Corsi from asserting it was absolutely true - with Corsi then adding on to it with his further claim that Ahmadinejad (PERSONALLY?), with other "evil" Iranians, had then gone around the world assassinating Iranian dissidents! That added wild assertion by Corsi was met with your silence - which could only indicate you either believed Corsi - or agreed with him.
No matter his unconvincing denials, Corsi HOPES to persuade our government to nuke Iran - with or without Israel.

George, the radioactive poison that killed the former Russian Spy (a double agent serving Russia and Israel)... SFGate reported it is a common substance, that can be bought on the Internet for $69.
FOX news (ALL the other networks and Clear Channel) keep reporting about the Russian ex-spy's poisoning... that traces of the substance have been found on airliners and elsewhere! Really frightening and menacing? Apparently none of the network "news" pundits have read the Nov. 29th following report in the San Francisco Chronicle...

Ex-spy's poison on the Internet / $69 can get you a trace of the commonly used lethal industrial substance
- Keay Davidson, Chronicle Science Writer
Nov. 29, 2006
Excerpts only...
It's one of the deadliest imaginable poisons, a radioactive substance about 100 billion times as deadly as cyanide -- and a Web site run by a physicist and flying saucer enthusiast offers to sell you a trace amount of it for $69 and send it via the U.S. Postal Service or UPS.
Contrary to early news reports, polonium-210 -- the poison suspected in the death of an ex-Russian spy in England -- is not some exotic material available solely from nuclear laboratories. The isotope is available from firms that sell it for lawful and legitimate uses in industry, such as removing static electricity from machinery and photographic film.
If ingested in large enough amounts, polonium-210 causes a hideous death.

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