Brotherhood Of Darkness
Dan Muloney
Brotherhood Of Darkness
Mon Dec 1 15:05:03 2003

Baylor Launches Drive For Bush Library
Wed Nov 26, 8:54 PM ET

Baylor has formed a national steering committee for planning and fundraising in a push to host the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Baylor President Robert Sloan Junior appointed regents chairman Drayton McLane Junior, who owns the Houston Astros, to lead the 50 member committee. Bush is expected to select a site for his library before leaving office. Waco is about 20 miles from Bush's ranch near Crawford, where he and his family are spending the Thanksgiving holiday. Other schools and areas seeking the library are:
-- Arlington, where Bush was managing partner of the Texas Rangers baseball team before he was elected governor
-- the University of Texas at Austin
-- Southern Methodist University in Dallas, which is the first lady's alma mater
-- plus Texas A&M and Texas Tech.- (In Waco, Masonic Grand Lodge)


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