RE: Thanks for your patriotism...
RE: Thanks for your patriotism...
Sat Nov 29 21:14:33 2003

I agree we are on the fast track for a police state. I am amazed at the limited outrage over the police riot in Miami. People should have hit the streets across this country, when word of the police terrorism on women and the elderly became known. I firmly believe in the RED and BLUE lists, much talked about a few years ago on this site. I believe martial law is coming and there will be a pre-emptive round -up based on the RED and BLUE list, prior to the actual declaration of martial law. I also believe I am on one list or the other. I cannot undo what happened in Miami, but I can and will resist, with deadly force,any pre-emptive attempt on myself. There is no longer any room for any other response. That is just the way it is going to be.

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