greg collins
Re importing socialists
Mon Nov 20, 2006 18:10

Absolutely Selwyn Duke along with communists from south america and arab speaking terrorists. Illegal aliens looking for work and looking to deal drugs and get welfare are not the only ones flooding across the border I'm here in Cal. John Birch reports that 119,000 of the illegals coming over the border were not even Spanish speaking amny speak arabic.

The elites are gutting the middle and upper middle class and literally selectively breeding though entitlements and inporting socialists/communists. But that's not all since we've responded to this special limited time offer we also get all our high tech and manufacturing jobs shipped overseas to support communists/socialists all over the world
in preference over societies that prefer freedom over debt slavery. Manipulation of currency rates through the Fed world bank and Imf also play a big part in this as well as of course the UN.

We have gotten a second extra special bonus for ordering early and buying into this scam and not to many have noticed amid all the confusion Kelo V new London has attracted some attention because its an obvious implimentation of corporate dictatorship and elimination of private property rights but fewer than a hundred people show up for anti-eminent domain abuse demonstrations. We have another more serious problem though which virtually no one protests, MERS or mortgage electronic registration allows lenders to take your home even when you really own it and the property record is now on easily editable hard drives. Lenders are literally stealing peoples homes
and paying off the politicians and judges to look the other way in fact they massively share the take by means of campaign donations. Many of us are watching the back door as well we should but the front door is wide open.

Lenders and corporate criminals are stripping the assets of the country and shipping them ovewrseas by the same Federal reserve mechanism they used in WWI and WWI.

I have seen no public demonstrations to prevent the lenders from sending a sherriff over to someones home they lawfully own and literally kick them out on the street. The loot from these stolen homes goes through the money trail many here are obviously studying, but no one seems to be getting worked up about the government/lender cooperative literally taking our property right in front of everyones face. The right to own private property is our political balance against the elites if we lose our property ownership we are
helpless in any respect than sheer numbers using brute force.

I think the elite power structure is gutting our assets flooding the country with socialist/communist leaning people
brainwashing our scool children though the socialist/communist NEA, spreading our forces all over the world demoralizing our troops by getting them to fight in the name of corporate crime and imperialism, promoting hatred of the U.S. and free market capitolism/representative republic and setting up a debt based fiat money based economic crash and then when our forces are overextended will start a "peoples" revolution in this country.

In the mean time we need to retain our homes and businesses if we are to stand a fighting chance at least while the majority still believe in keeping what is rightfully theirs. The reconquista Mexicans ( I don't have a problem with the legal, moral, hard working ones loyal and appreciative of this country, I actually like them) have made it clear they want us to leave our own country. For some reason they love the idea of living under a virtual dictatorship and being debt slaves but personally that's just not my idea of a positive change.

Bush took 12 million from a known criminal Roland Arnall
a radical hard core Zionist and got him out of the country with diplomatic immunity after 49 states attorney general determined he had ripped off millions of U.S. citizens some of which actaually died as well as plenty of Immigrants who did not understand the contracts in English (its backfiring on them already).
Lugar rigged the vote by not counting the Democrats votes against Arnalls nomination for ambassador. what was his Constitutional authority to do that?

LIke I said many of us are watching the back door and we sure need to do that but the front door is wide open.

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