JFK Assassination & the Problem of WMDs in the Middle East
Mon Nov 20, 2006 03:59

Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and on the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, recalls that JFK very actively opposed the Zionist regime's nuclear weapons capability because he believed that such a program would only start a regional arms race for countervailing WMD's. This wise policy died with JFK on 22 November 1963.

Elected in 1960, by 1961 JFK was locked in a bitter behind-the-scenes struggle with Prime Minister David Ben Gurion to end the Zionist regime's nuclear weapons program that had been started at Dimona in the Negev in 1956. These aforementioned facts were brought to light more than three decades later, in 1991, with the publication of Seymour Hersh's The Samson Option (Random House, New York) in Chapter 8, "A Presidential Struggle."

Through the connivance of the CIA's James Jesus Angleton, whom Princess Diana in 1997 called the alter ego of the Anglo-American poet Thomas Stearns Eliot, a fictitious person whose identity Angleton would assume by elaborate disguise and subterfuge, the Zionist regime obtained nuclear weapons as an emergency fail-safe fallback option against the day of its planned seizure of the Egyptian Gaza and Sinai, the Jordanian West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights, which was accomplished in six days in June of 1967, just as Mossad predicted the previous week inside the Pentagon.

Princess Diana's revelation that T. S. Eliot and James Jesus Angleton were actually one and the same person but with two professional personas is particularly intriguing in light of former head of the CIA Richard Helms's statement in his posthumously published memoirs, A Look Over My Shoulder (Random House, New York 2003), that Angleton had a "not entirely coincidental resemblance to T. S. Eliot." (page 153) From arming psychopathic Zionist hardliners with nuclear weapons to taking down President Richard Nixon for investigating illegal diversion of nuclear weapons grade material to the Zionist regime from a company in Apollo, Pennsylvania, Angleton's machinations had a decidedly British as well as Zionist smell.

Angleton was very likely the real "Deep Throat" of the Watergate affair, and conducted his Mockingbird operation with Washington Post reporter (and former US Naval Intelligence officer) Bob Woodward from the basement parking garage of his old haunt, the Army Navy Club, a short walk from the White House. When the "Downing Street Memo," Scott Ritter and Dr. David Kelly as well as other related revelations threatened exposure of the British leading role in the invasion of Iraq, a felt need to spin the public perception away from the UK resulted in the Blair-as-Bush's-poodle cartoon and Woodward's presentation of a daft nonagenarian whose FBI career made him a plausible substitute for Angleton. Woodward's stand-in "Deep Throat" was not known as a heavy smoker, whereas Angleton certainly was. Yet another painful reminder that British and Zionist brains have put American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol.

And so the situation in 1963 had indeed been quite acute for the Turkic Khazar-descended Ashkenazi Zionists; their regime did not yet have the coveted territories still illegally occupied today in 2006 and the Palestine Liberation Organization had not yet been portrayed as continuously losing yet another swell opportunity to make peace because the PLO still had not yet been formed. Thus it was that JFK's policy of a Middle East free from the threat of weapons of mass destruction ended in Dallas in 1963 as the Zionists tightened their ‘national security" in advance of their grand real estate acquisitions four years later in 1967. As head of the CIA's Counterintelligence Division as well as the CIA's "Israel Desk," Angleton maintained files on the falsely accused perpetrator of the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was unwittingly instrumental in removing JFK as an obstacle to the Zionist regime's nuclear weapons program.

Senior CIA officer Robert Morrow has apprised us of the "white glove/black glove" collaboration between the CIA and the Mafia in the JFK assassination as well as other regime changes -- mostly by bribes but sometimes by blood -- from Central and South America to the Levant. Moreover, il capo di tutti i capi Lucky Luciano regarded Meyer Lansky, one of Ben Gurion's fellow Zionist fundraisers, as the effective head of the Mafia as of 1961; indeed, Lansky was well placed to order or manipulate a wide range of actors who hated and/or feared JFK, including CIA regime change specialist Sam Giancana. Giancana's modus operandi remains the quintessence of the loathed foreign policy of the USA today: "Don't ever forget that I'm the 'Justice of the Peace.' If they do what I want, we'll take care of them. If they don't, well, we'll take care of that too." This is the Giancana Doctrine of United States foreign policy.

Furthermore, FBI memos of Special Agent Graham W. Kitchel (22 November 1963) and of Director J. Edgar Hoover (29 November 1963) reveal the then future president of the USA George Herbert Walker Bush in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination and helping Zionist mobster Jack Ruby to promote the misleading Pro-Castro profile of the falsely accused Lee Harvey Oswald so that the Warren Commission would feel compelled to lie to the world in the belief that it was preventing World War III with Castro's sponsor, the former Soviet Union. As Sam Giancana would have put it, George H. W. Bush was "a real f-----g genius!" (For more information visit http://mysite.verizon.net/vze4wbps  and click "Letter to Rehnquist.")

Completing Bush's treasonous act were the then future president of the USA Gerald R. Ford, a member of the Warren Commission, and current United States Senator Arlen Specter, an Assistant Counsel to the Warren Commission, who conspired to frame Oswald with fabricated medical evidence concerning the nature of JFK's wounds, which fact to this day rankles the conscience of James W. Sibert, an outspoken, retired Special Agent of the FBI who assisted at the JFK autopsy on the evening of 22 November 1963.

Four decades later this same Bush Cabal plague continues with new injustices against the innocent blood in a "game" of domination in the Middle East. The promising new world order as declared in June 1945 in San Francisco in mankind's highest yet expression of international law, the Charter of the United Nations, has been severely compromised by an ersatz new world order of greed and deceit and bloodshed which manifested itself yet again in the big lie of 11 September 2001 and the 9/11 Commission Report. Whenever the USA backs or otherwise condones Zionist criminality, or violates international law including the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Principles, such improper conduct violates the Constitution of the United States, which holds that all treaties – including the United Nations Organization Treaty – are the supreme law of the land.

Whereas JFK strove to pass the torch of freedom, the Bush Cabal passes the poisonous cup of treason. Know a tree by its fruits. Apply the Platinum Corollary of the Golden Rule and ask after deep and honest reflection: "We know what they have done to us; what have we been doing to them?" Understanding exactly how the problem of WMDs in the Middle East actually began is a prerequisite for finding a satisfactory solution.

Stephen M. St. John
Sole Author: An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem
e-mail: metatron.metatron@verizon.net  Visit http://mysite.verizon.net/vze4wbps  soon to be http://www.show-the-house.com   

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