greg collins
RE; indiana sold to foreigners
Mon Nov 20, 2006 22:00

Senator Lugar(Rhodes scholar) Senate foreign relations

Violated the Constitution as far as I know when he refused to count votes against a Senate hearing on Roland Arnalls nomination to be ambassabor to Netherlands.

Tom Lantos (Radical zionist) stuck up for his Radical zionist pal Roland Arnall and they wisked their criminal buddy who has looted our country of billions to the Netherlands after a $12 million donation to Bush


And so we see a repeat of the old WWI and WWII Zionist, Nazi, Rhodes, Warburg money trail.

Our countries being looted and the assets shipped to our enemies again. This corporate/mortgage fraud will be no laughing matter especially if foreign investors pull the plug on our card house monetary/lending structure

Oil producing nations and China going off the Dollar standard are the opening shots of WWIII

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