DRAFT and cause of death of parent.
Wed Nov 22, 2006 13:17

We were not smart enough to stay IN to retire with regular forces... and the VA turned down my pension because neither I nor my American Legion assigned Power of Attorney ever received a Form 9 on Appeal. Like over 35,000 other Veteran's and there is no way to open it apparently!

Thank you for your kind comments on the continuing fight to expose the Draft and DU. The TRUE HERO'S are Ken Vardon of APFN and "Joan of America" who handles the site for APFN and did so very much research on Depleted Uranium as seen on http://www.apfn.org/apfn/du.htm  and http://www.apfn.org/apfn/du2.htm  [DU2.htm is not for young children to view BTW]. Ruth and I remain only the messengers getting a message out to the United Nations and President plus others.

Just hung up with a representative of BAY NEWS 9 who wrote:

"Ruth and Ralph
Yes, I did receive all your information. I will bring this up in our story meeting later today. If we are going to follow the story, we'll contact you.

Vicky Benchimol
News Planning Editor

Bay News 9"

Hopefully this message, especially on Sgt. Cordora's wife Jennifer and her female drivers where 5 out of 7 developed Cancer of the Cervix can be told NATIONWIDE!

I would GOOGLE the word DRAFT and look at what happened. Selective Service should also be GOOGLED to see what the ramifications are of one should NOT respond. During WWI and WWII and even the Vietnam conflict thousands stepped forward to join the military services. Today they can KILL ALL EXISTING MILITARY and there are no replacements! Such is the danger of Depleted Uranium Weapon Contamination and WE scream for the RADTriage dosimeter to be issued to each and every member of the military. One tour of 365 days will give a reading each day, week and month and once the person reaches 50 RADS they are to LEAVE AND NEVER BE RETURNED. Where do the replacements come from when needed? I say send each and every Congressman and Congress Woman to replace those who have to leave.... issue the RADTriage dosimeters to them and when they get to a HOT 50 RAD level let us start with the States in Alphabetical Order and send Legislative Representatives... etc.

Maybe THEN they will stop worrying about a Draft and start getting to the United Nations Security Council to have people spend 10 minutes speaking to ALL permanent representatives of the UN as our President and Vice President seem to be too busy!

Any Local VFW, AMERICAN LEGION, Disabled American Veteran's group can be called and perhaps they know the answer to your questions. Right now please keep in mind WATCH JERICHO ON TV WED NIGHTS. It may be your town IF this DU Weapon use is not stopped.

I just reported to the Governor of Florida, Sheriff David Gee and Mayor Pam Iorio that AVON PARK and EGLIN AFB BOMBING RANGE is contaminated in Florida ALONE! Think they will notice as the clouds take the particles toward Tallahassee? I have DU BANNER MAGNETICS on Top, Sides, Rear of my Vehicle and those are 24X24. I also wear a RADIAC YELLOW TEESHIRT with the DU BANNER AND RADIATION SYMBOLS daily to allow people to see what the danger is and ask questions. I printed COLOR information on the same banner making 6 per page of 8X10, cut them out and hand them to anyone who asks. Anyone can do the same!

Imagine 1000 mothers walking with such teeshirts in front of the Whitehouse... not stopping until they turn around at each end of the block or keep in a circle around the Pentagon! Now that would be a sight to behold! How about the same group walking around the UN buildings. YOU CANNOT STOP OR ONE MAY GET ARRESTED. YOU CANNOT CARRY ANY BANNERS OR ONE MAY GET ARRESTED AND YOU CANNOT MARCH ANYWHERE WITHOUT A PERMIT.. Casually stolling with friends is a different story so long as you do not block traffic or people! What you WEAR is your business so long as you do not wear that item with a message INTO CONGRESS MEETINGS or whent the President Addresses CONGRESS!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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