A better question yet again......
Wed Nov 22, 2006 03:15

... is it a high crime to make ill, maim or murder thousands of US soldiers and civilians with DU poisoning???

Is it a high crime to torture, suspend habeas corpus, build a regional superhighway cutting up the US and using eminent domain to confiscate property all along the route to build that hwy and without the approval or consent of congress or the American people??? Is it a high crime to issue signing statements saying the President intends to break the law he just signed if he disagrees with it???

There is much more. Why stop at three and I didn't even include 9-11. I just saw a video tonight put out in our community called "9-11 mysteries" and boy that was a mind blower and condemning as all get out. So that should be thrown in there as well.

People have been convicted of murder with a whole lot less evidence and that conviction was based on "circumstantial evidence" that is way less than what we have here.

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