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I was 15 yrs old when the President was murdered. I will never forget where I was when it was announced (I was a sophomore at Tascosa High School, Amarillo, TX) that he was shot (this was at 12:30pm); everyone was ordered back to their home rooms; it was announced at 12:50 pm that he was dead.

I will never forget sitting in front of our black and white tv, watching the play back over and over and over of the motorcade and the shooting;

the police arrest of Oswald;

the tears of pain and hurt shared by everyone across the nation;

the picture of Jackie in her blood stained suit;

the play back over and over and over of the motorcade through Dallas and the shooting and the excape to Parkland hositpal;

the news broadcasters, their tears of pain and yet, they continued to do their jobs;

the funeral motorcade to the Capitol tundra where the coffin was placed for public viewing;

the thousands of people who filed by the casket to pay their respects to our Beloved President John F. Kennedy;

Jackie and little Caroline humbly bowing and kissing the draping US flag lying on top of the coffin containing our beloved President John F. Kennedy.

I will never forget watching Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald on live tv in the Dallas Police Department basement as they were taking him to the County Jail for "better" protection.

The replay over and over and over and over.

The replay over and over and over of the motorcade and the shooting;

the funeral procession to Arlington National Cemetary, with Jackie, Caroline and Little John John (it was his 3rd birthday that day you know)as he saluted the soldierless horse as it passed by, empty boots dangling on each side of the saddle, and the horse drawn wagon carrying our Beloved President John F. Kennedy on its way to Arlington National Cemetary.

The long, painful walk that Jackie, Bobby and Ted took to Arlington National Cemetary, leading the way for the all the dignitaries from around the world who came to pay their respects to OUR country (yes, the world did like us back then) and to our slain/murdered young Beloved President John F. Kennedy.

And the replays over and over and over and over. . . of this senseless, cold hearted murder that still lives in our hearts, minds and souls today.

AND yet, the REAL killers were never brought to justice.

Lots of stories have emerged over the years as to WHO the real killers were/are; lots of accusatory fingers have been pointed to many public leaders, SOME still alive and SOME till in offices of power;

BUT no on has ever been held accountable for the slaying of our Beloved President John J. Kennedy.

No one probably ever will, not in this life time anyway.

I have many, many, many books written about this gruesome killing; each with its own theory and villians. Some of these I think ring true and when several are put together you get, I believe, I very real senario of what the REAL theory and actors are and were.

Several things that I feel are true:
1.) Back then, the book desposatory used some (not all were cardboard as so oftern shown in pictures of the times)WOODEN CRATES for shipping and storing a lot of their school books;

one theory has it that shooters had a crate shipped w/a fake bottom where a gun w/a scope was broken down and stored.

At the time of the shooting, the gun was taken out, put together, fired and then taken apart, replaced in the bottom of the crate and the shooters clamly walked out of the building (they were dressed as "workmen" as the 6th floor of the building was being worked on, supposedly).

2.) Jackie Kennedy was given long stem RED roses at the airport, while Nellie Connlly was given YELLOW roses as the airport. WHY red? Because the shooters were NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY and they needed a "marker" as to WHICH man in that lemo to shoot at; hence, the man sitting next to the woman with the RED roses.

3.)The mob, the CIA, sloppy Secret Service men, anti Castro people, ALL had very strong movtives to work together to kill OUR Beloved President, John F. Kennedy. At the helm, and just as Olvier Stone's movie suggests, the one who had the most to gain: ;LYNDON BAYNES JOHNSON, the biggest crook around at the time, and, unfortunately (as the current president) hailed from Texas.

SO> > > > > > there you go!!!

Nixon was seen leaving Dallas the day of the murder (he was the lawyer for Pepsi Cola at the time and claimed to have been there at a meeting); George W.H. Bush was seen leaving Dallas that day, BUT currently he just "simply can't remember where he was the day Kennedy was killed."

YOU decide.

I know for sure that that day made a lasting impression on my mind, heart and soul; the day my Beloved President John F. Kennedy was MURDERED.

Thank you.

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