Enough is enough
Fri Nov 24, 2006 18:16

Many have already stated that enough is enough, but their grievances fall on deaf ears. I have had enough and want out of this system. WHERE ARE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? I DO NOT RECALL WAIVING ANY OF THEM! Not only that but these police are getting braver and braver and operate in a gang fashion, just the other day a nephew of mine was pulled over as a passenger while his friend was speeding. However within moments of being detained 5 (five) police cars showed up and conducted a thorough search of a 16 year olds car without obtaining parental conscent. Down south I undersdand that roadblocks are everywhere and checkpoints are randomly set up. STOP, show your D/L, REG and Proof of Insurance and also risk being searched. Right here where I live I see cops pulling kids over and searching cars nearly everyday. It is truly out of control. Futhermore, the cops have an "us" and "them" mentality. We, the citizens are the "perps" or "suspects". They are the good guys with nthe guns and the tasers..(oh God, if thats not torture, what the hell is?) Is this fighting crime or harassing the common folk using the roads to move around and conduct their affairs without government intrusion. What have we become here? What are we going to do. The governemt has all the resourses, they stole them from you and me.. the cops have their unions and guns robots, helicopters and swat teams.. what do we have... nothing but a pea shooter, but if you use it, they will kill you, just as they killed the 94 year old lady in Atlanta. What do they care?

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