Boise Ben
Columbus police attempted to re-arrest Vox publisher
Fri Nov 24, 2006 17:03

Columbus police attempted to re-arrest Vox publisher Ed Richardson this week. Richardson, publisher of Edward Abboud's Invisible Enemy, has been experiencing state sponsored harassment for more than a year.

terry shepard wrote:

The AP reported that a UCLA police officer shocked a student with a stun gun because he refused to give student identification and refused to leave. The incident was recorded by another students cell phone that showed him screaming on the floor.

Is this the future for Americans who will be forced to show their papers? Are we paying public servants to use force of arms against those of us who refuse to become subjects of a goyish fantasy of supposed masters? The oppressions will continue to mount until the people say enough is enough and the kingdoms of this world are shaken.

Boise Ben

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