Uncle Sam is laid to rest
Thu Nov 17, 2005 18:21

Dear Patriots,
With all my heart I pray that Patriot Act II will be rescinded. But, it is important to remember that this means of social control was designed for American dissenters who reject our country's role in the New World Order a.k.a. the IMF,WTO, World Bank, FTAA, NAFTA, CAFTA and so on.
I fear that what we see in Washington D.C. is like a professional wrestling match. The outcome is already determined. But, in the final stages preceding a national emergency they will put on a good show for us. Republicans and Democrats alike have been bought off by Fortune 500 companies and have sold us out to foreign interests.
Why would they do this? Because they are loosing their grip and influence as the masses cry out for economic and social justice. Which is denied to them by our oppressors. America is not exempt and sadly we are just starting to figure it all out. The elite ruling class have always been there and over the centuries have made repeated attempts to establish a new world order while insuring that the door is left open in another country.
Everything in the U.S. Federal Government has been designed to create division between us. A two party system that are polar opposites on singular issues like business, labor, abortion, homosexuality. All of these keep us distracted from what is really going on.
The issue before us is that America has now become the world's number one rogue nation and is an increasing threat to global security. The Project for the New American Century outlines a plan to forcibly overthrow the entire region using every possible means, including mass genocide from using bombs made with depleted uranium that cause horrendous birth defects effecting not just Iraqi citizens but U.S. troops as well. This is not what America is all about.
The best thing you can do is stop buying into the marketing campaign of a global war on terror. There is none. By and large its all fabricated by the international banking cartel and others. Yes, there are millions around the world who hate America and with good reason. An American led NWO may have worked if it was not based on greed, despotism and self-centeredness and control by an elite few at the top.
I cordially invite you to join the A.C.E. Network Mission, a voluntary New World Order and Democratic Alternative Government that is dedicated to achieving wide spread economic and social justice for all people in the shortest possible period of time. Legal, non-violent community organizing that stresses personal accountability and mutual cooperation. Look at the power structures of the majority of governments and corporations. It is centralized power that allows the corporations to pay slave labor wages and desert their homeland in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.
The A.C.E. Network Mission envisions an egalitarian society where there are abundant jobs with the majority being worker owned. Its time for a change. The global elitists have had there day. As new wealth is created there is a naturally diminishing power and influence that Federal Government has over us. Long lasting peace and prosperity can only be accomplished by an organized transformation of the social order. I humbly invite you to join us in this noble and worthy endeavor. Look for our website to be announced.
Concerned citizens who would like to secure the future of our children can join this revolutionary movement by writing to:A.C.E. Network Mission,5011 Oak Knoll Ave,Newton Falls, Ohio 44444 or send an email to:justrite@email.com .

In peace,

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