ALERT: Vote Friday on PATRIOT Act Reauthorization
Thu Nov 17, 2005 15:36



House of Representatives Likely to Vote Friday on PATRIOT Act Reauthorization
Call Congress NOW and Urge Them to Vote NO On This Sham PATRIOT Reauthorization Report

Patriot Act conferees have reached a tentative agreement on Patriot Act reauthorization, and the House and Senate are likely to vote this week. The bill fails to protect your civil liberties and the Fourth Amendment right to privacy because it allows the government to continue to obtain your private records even without any evidence linking them to a suspected terrorist.

Call Congress at 202-224-3121 or click here to look up their phone numbers. You can even call their staff in your local district office.

Tell both of your senators and your representative that the conference report completely disregards the concerns of their constituents because it does nothing meaningful to fix Sections 215 and Sections 505, the controversial records search and national security letter (NSLs) provisions of the Patriot Act. Urge them to stand up for Americans’ constitutional freedoms by voting against this conference report.

Conferees rejected the opportunity to protect Americans’ fundamental freedoms when they failed to include any of the sensible privacy protections contained in the Senate reauthorization bill in their conference report. Recent revelations of the FBI’s violations of secret surveillance laws and their rampant issue of NSLs to ordinary Americans prove that Sections 215 and 505 should be amended to require a connection between an individual’s private records and a suspected terrorist, not left unchanged to allow continued unwarranted government fishing expeditions.

Tell Congress that you are outraged that some conferees have turned a blind eye to the recently documented abuses of the government’s expanded Patriot Act powers. Encourage Congress to fight for the will of the American people by voting no on the conference report instead of bowing to pressures from the Administration.

Call Congress at
(202) 224-3121

Urge your Senators and Representatives to vote NO on the PATRIOT Conference Report.

For more information on the Patriot Act, visit .

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