Cheryl Seal
An Ugly Picture: "Victory" in Bush's Monstrous War
Tue Nov 22, 2005 12:45

What Will 'Victory' in Bush's Monstrous War Look Like?

By Cheryl Seal

Bush vowed this week to keep fighting in Iraq until "victory" is achieved. And just, pray tell, will this "victory" look like? A landscape reduced to toxic rubble? Bombed out towns where thousands of half-starved street children forage in sewage-contaminated gutters? A country dotted by secret torture prisons so stuffed that they hold more Iraqis than most of the nation's small towns? A new collection of war atrocity stories, including the horrors of Abu Ghraib, prisoners tortured to death with drills, and Auschwitz-like bodies of tortured Sunnis. A generation of young American soldiers so broken and traumatized that the rest of their lives are some form of living hell? A new crop of veterans forced into homelessness by artery-opening slashes to the VA budget? A national budget bled so dry and our priorities so warped that to pay for "victory," the poor must be reduced to desperation, the elderly must die without dignity, and children must go hungry? A national soul so tainted and twisted by the atrocities and suffering we have facilitated that it becomes shameful to admit, "I am an American."? I don't know about you, but that price is just too high.

When I say "I am an American," I want it to mean something worthwhile - what it was supposed to mean when this nation declared itself free from occupation by England - an occupation no more heavy-handed than what we are now imposing on Iraq. I want it to mean that I REALLY DO value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - not just for myself and countrymen, but for all citizens of planet Earth. I want it to mean that I REALLY DO believe that all men/women are created equal, and that this equality has nothing to do with race, religion, political party, economic status, geographic region, or firepower. I want it to mean I support "liberty and justice for all" - not just for a select group of Americans who control the White House and media and make over $100,000 per year.

In short, I want being an American to stop being synonymous with the Bush administration.   

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