Mind Control in America
Sat Nov 18, 2006 20:01

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Mind Control in America

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Steven Jacobson was involved in the Entertainment industry... and he tells you how you are controlled..

I do not even think like people today... perhaps some of you are the same... or "Do they think? or even worse "Are they Capable of Thinking ?" ....

This sort of explains why... I avoided most of the propaganda.... how.. just day dreamed my way through.... the things that later interested me.. were of no interest when I was in school and had the opportunity to study them... which is a good thing - I think. I suspect some of it bounced off due to my being blind in one eye... remember how they were pushing the stereo glasses which were little more than Red/Green filters creating a 3 D effect... well in my case everything was "black n white"..... whereas everybody else is in a state of confusion due to their opinion that "everything is a shade of grey... it depends on the circumstances.. " in other words "situational ethics"

"MIND CONTROL" is a very interesting topic...... Very interesting indeed ! I thought I escaped All of it ..but now I escaped some of it.. maybe most/ maybe not.. jury is out on that. As the patriot groups concentrate on strange esoteric machines that control the brain... do they work..yep... but they have drawbacks... whereas the old methods are just as effective.. but without the problems... one thing is for sure......

The Biblical Phrase, "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free" can also be flipped around... "If ye do not know the truth....... you shall be enslaved." - or already are... then they brag about it.. think not ?...... Then how about the Movie "THE MATRIX"... "BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL" an old (60's) movie with Glen Ford & John McIntire... "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" with Frank Sinatra.... OH this movie..is an exact history of John McCain... done years before he was taken prisoner in Viet Nam... only guy to come out of a Prisoner of War Camp heavier than when he went in.. want another one, "AMERIKA" with Kris Kristopherson... "THEY LIVE" with Rowdy Roddy Piper (a professional wrestler) oh and the ABSOLUTE FREAKING BEST .. movie on HOW THE ILLUMINATTI WORKS..... the English movie... THE EDGE OF DARKNESS by Troy Kennedy Martin (I think he's the Aussie that did the Road Warrior series) staring Bob Peck, Joe Don Baker (a favorite of mine) music written and performed by ... who dat?- ERIC CLAPTON... also starring Joanne Whalley... this story is SO GOOD that it had this to go along with it:

"The BBC has been asked to point ohut that the GAIA Organization portrayed in the series "EDGE OF DARKNESS" is entirely fictional and has now connection with the gaia Movement or the publishers of Gaia Books." No of course not.. its a depiction of The European Union and its movement toward World Government via Reagional Government..swolling up National Governments...just like here... England is about 15 years ahead of us... but we are catching up so fast... I think it is now like 4 years."

Ponder this: Why in the World would "Tax Free Foundations" fund various Communist and Socialist
Organizations when these organizations generally promote the idea that history is the story of a WAR between the "HAVE'S and the HAVE NOT'S" .... If thats the war then Communism/Socialism would be the ENEMY of "TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS"... Why would they fund them ? The answer is POWER ! I read a Rabbi speaking of increased immigration and miscegenation saying, "Good ! A mixing of White and Black Races will result in the Death of the White Race (sound familiar-a Professor at CUNY in New York-said exactly the same thing (and he is white maybe he is suicidal ? -the problem with society is 'the white race' -as is the norm he was not called down for "racism" ) since, the White Race is the ONLY GROUP smart enough to thwart us... then this mixing will creat a lesser "colored" race which we can control." I don't know about that..... the Black Muslims for one group are waking up to their machinations, as are the Blacks in Africa who had been referred to by the "Illustrious Henry Kissenger aas Useless Eaters." As one can guess that went over well when they found out about it. Which I think is why people in the Middle East have become "Muslims" instead of "MOSLEMS" which is what they were called when I was a kid. I asked a guy from Packistan once, "What ever happened to Moslems ?" He just smiled and said, "We are still here.." Another of those things that make you go... hmmmmm

Here I go getting long winded again ... goto the site and buy everything you can afford... or do a buying group thing... you buy one and you neighbor another and the guy down the street another...
until you have it all... as to Mind Control.... Remember when Tomothy McVeigh was brought out of prison wearing that nice blaze orange vest making him a perfet target..... Well, what you missed was the bearded weirdie walking next to him was DR. JOLEAN WEST (look him up) ... like THE AMERICAN MIND CONTROL EXPERT............. how about that!

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MCiA Media

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