By Bob Nichols
Depleted uranium turns to poison gas
Mon Nov 13, 2006 15:26


Depleted uranium turns to poison gas

By Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner & Online Journal Contributing Writer

May 27, 2005-A dedication in 2120 might say: Dedicated to the memory of the
Iraqi people. Many people believe Iraq was the birthplace of civilization
some 5,000 years ago. Iraq was destroyed and radioactively contaminated in
an early 21st Century Oil War by a fascist world power, now extinguished.

Dedication to the Iraqi People in 2005: Iraq is uninhabitable. The wars in
Central Asia all were nuclear wars fought with radiation-dispersing American

None of the Bushista NeoCons running this miserable genocide in Central Asia
care one whit. In fact, it is what they ordered from the US military's list
of services. Mostly, the remaining 300 million "good Americans" do not care,
do not know and do not want to know.

Those Iraqis not yet radiologically contaminated must leave Iraq as soon as
possible. Before they too get radiation poisoning, their genetic line is
kaput, they die and become just so much radioactive sand in the deserts of

The only hope of the US-UK troops in Iraq is that they get out before they
take a fateful breath in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The not yet
dead say there is a very slight metallic taste at the time.

Meanwhile the 140,000-pound A1M1 Death Machine Tanks keep dispensing Poison
Uranium Oxide Gas that lasts forever in the Occupied Territories of Iraq, as
per the Bushista NeoCons' instructions.

That's the bottom line. The US military, funded by the US taxpayer who
borrowed up to 80 percent of the world's savings at one time, killed the
Iraqi people. The Iraqis don't even know it yet. Most scientists and just
plain people are afraid to look them in the eye and tell them the truth.

Censorship at Work

(America, Land of War Criminals) Radiation poisoning is a miserable way to
die. It means adult diapers, unbearable and unimaginable pain and morphine
as a goddess, if you can get it. Poisonous, radioactive, ceramic uranium
oxide gas colors everything else. There is no treatment and there is no

Radiation poisoning is a death sentence, courtesy of the US Political Class
delivered on target and on time by the US military, the most lethal military
in the history of the world. .

See for yourself how people are faring in the shadowy world of government
censorship, lies payola and grim everyday officially sanctioned propaganda.
You and your family are subject to these NeoCon lies daily. If you are an
American, chances are you believe them. You are wrong, dead wrong. You could
not possibly be more wrong.

Google these phrases at

depleted uranium

On May 14, 2005, it received 971,000 Internet page hits. Lie: "Depleted
Uranium is really OK! After all, the Pentagon would not call it depleted if
it wasn't, would they?"

ceramic uranium oxide gas + battlefield

Truth: This stuff is deadly. It is Bad, Radioactive and Kills
people-forever. It is not okay a year from now. It is not okay, ever. Its
use is always a war crime. Only 19 Google Net page hits.

May 14, 2005, the Google count was a minuscule 19 Hits. It's on fewer than
19 websites. Nineteen is hardly any at all. That's it! Total for the world
as reflected by Google. But, still, I'm right and you are wrong.

Again, that's 971,000 vs 19 hits. That's a totally overwhelming advantage.
Yet, the US military and intelligence agencies keep investing more and more
resources and money to counter the miserable little 19 stories, articles and
references to the genocidal product "ceramic uranium oxide gas" used by the
US military in Bosnia, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq-in other
words, Central Asia.

Why are they worried? In the world of "Big Media" what effect can a mere 19
articles have against the Tsunami of 971,000 page hits? Well, a lot,

Now Google the phrase Zyklon B That is the poison gas the Nazis used to kill
millions of concentration camp victims during the Holocaust of World War II.
WW II lasted from 1939 to 1945.

You see, the United States Political Senior Class joyfully joined, 60 years
later, the German Nazis of World War II in the decision to use genocide as
an official government policy (OGP.) This was not done by mistake. No, these
modern day butchers knew exactly what they were doing.

What's genocide? defines it as: The systematic and planned
extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

Weaponized Ceramic Uranium Oxide Gas betrays the motives of its users in the
US military and its advocates in politics, government and society. Just as
surely as the Nazi's poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas does for an impartial
war crimes investigator.

Genocide is the kind of international crime that has a big downside, if
knowledge of it gets out of a tightly controlled orbit of enthusiastic and
dedicated cult-like supporters. Of course, the CIA can easily control the
big media to manage the spin. It's pretty simple, they do so every day.
William Colby, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, once
stated "The CIA owns anybody of consequence in the national media." It is
obvious on its face.

Folks, the CIA cannot control you, though: Tell your neighbors about the US
military's Kill Everything Uranium Weapons.

It's known unofficially as the "Kill'em All Policy." also: "Waste Them,"
"Whack Them," and "Nuke 'em." Once set free in the political environment
that is the kind of searing truth that burns out corruption: the infection,
pus, and bloody raw wounds of a democracy turned fascist.

Currently in the deepest, darkest, blackest part of the fascist theocratic
government in the United States, the slavishly obedient US military sees
little reason to revolt and say "No!" to the well-known genocidal policies
of the senior politicians. Even though poisonous uranium gas sickens and
kills their own troops, the officer corps goes along with it as necessary
because the civilian political leadership wants it that way.

It is also, as a practical matter, an efficient method for eliminating
ailing vets that cost billions of dollars in budgetary appropriations for
the Veterans Administration. They are just following the advice of US
foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger.

In 1973, in General Alexander Haig's presence, then National Security
Advisor Henry Kissinger, referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid
animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.[10] Kissinger set the
public stage for the war managers to sacrifice the gullible, but patriotic
and "stupid," American troops to the use of weaponized uranium oxide gas.
American General Norman Schwarzkopf from the First Gulf War stated they were
not told anything about harmful uranium munitions.

As seen in the overwhelming comparison of 971,000 articles to 19 articles,
the "depleted uranium" metal the US military and government actively
encourages the meek and submissive academic sector to study is most often
called "mildly radioactive." The same metal in most of the rest of the world
is "highly radioactive."

The "big media's talking heads" simply do as they are told, read what they
are handed and collect their millions in payola bribes; and, of course, they
smile-a lot.

In short, the lying big media have you and your family controlled perfectly.
That makes the Professional Hairdo News Readers on your tube guilty of being
accessories to genocide and accessories to mass murder.

These media celebrities should utterly disgust everyday Americans, anywhere,
anytime. Wait just a few minutes and everywhere in America, you will see
their bright shiny faces on the boob tube. The men are strong, confident and
well fed. The women look gaunt, anorexic and coping.

In the ivy covered halls of academia, the US government has thousands of
frightened scientists busy studying the wrong radioactive metal, on purpose.
The War on Central Asia is a large well-organized industrial killing
operation. God forbid the overeducated, worthless clowns should study the
poison uranium gas that is actually crippling and killing our own troops on
the ground in Iraq, and Iraqi men, women and children.

Yes, you see: poisonous radioactive ceramic uranium oxide gas and dust is
altogether different from the elemental uranium block of metal from which
the more lethal version is derived.

This metal [uranium] humbly makes itself available for the having, by anyone
with the gumption to dig it out of the ground and "process" it one time. No
big deal, eh? Your watch dial might even glow with a cousin metal. It has a
pretty, soft glow, doesn't it?

Guess what? Glowing watch dials have absolutely nothing to do with the
lethal, crippling and killing radioactive uranium oxide gas used everywhere
by Americans on battlefields in the last 15 years. And, that is the only
place you will find this kind of uranium gas-in the air on battlefields.

Killing is all it is good for. Killing for an eternity. The US military uses
millions of pounds of the weaponized version of it promiscuously in Iraq and
Central Asia by order of senior American politicians.

That's a trick of the propagandists' art. See how easy you were to get off
the track? Stay focused. These monsters are really good at diverting your
attention. It's officially called "misdirection" in propaganda classes. The
real subject is "ceramic uranium oxide gas" + battlefields. Remember!

When you talk to your neighbors tell them that is what all the fuss is
about. Guarantee you, when your neighbor Googles it, they are going to find
one of the 19 articles. In this case, being right is not a consolation
prize. It just means more threats and harassment for authors who dare to
write and speak about its use as a war crime.

Since 1943 American war planners have known "The amount necessary to cause
death to a person inhaling the material is extremely small. It has been
estimated that one millionth of a gram accumulating in a person's body would
be fatal. There are no known methods of treatment for such a casualty." [9]
This is from a Declassified document from the secretive Manhattan Project.

I invite you to try an experiment. Spend a while contemplating the following
two questions. Write to me with your conclusions. Send them to:

1. What kind of a person purposefully selects a genocidal weapon for use in
Central Asia; then orders massive quantities of it used in battle.

2. What kind of person orders a government and military cover up of the
resulting slow genocide?

The only statements throughout history that speak to the very issue we all
face in the world today are these few sentences from the Nuremberg War
Crimes Tribunal at the end of World War II.

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national
obligations of obedience . . . therefore have the duty to violate domestic
laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."-Nuremberg
War Crimes Tribunal, 1950
Since the obliging and compliant Congress will not stand up to the president
as they are supposed to, we have a serious problem in this country.

I would not want any weak-minded souls to think I do not respect the
processes of government created by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and his
friends before 1776. Read all they wrote and said.

The Nuremberg statement is now international law and by extension, U.S. law.
It is now the duty of all loyal American citizens that the fascist
government controlling the United States and the US military can no longer
be allowed to exist; it must be replaced. The world, and international law,
holds all Americans accountable, and the price to pay is dear.

As you think about the "problem" we have in the United States I send you
this greeting "Welcome to hell."

The following sources were consulted for this article.

Listen to the former director of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project Dr
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Canadian nuclear celebrity Susan Riordan, well-known nuke power plant
investigator Russell Hoffman and Project Censored Award Winning Writer Bob
Nichols discuss these thought provoking questions and more on the following
recent World Wide Talk Radio Program: Depleted Uranium: Cause and Effect 4
Hour Special

on The ?X? Zone Radio Show and TalkStar Radio Network

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Copyright by Bob Nichols.

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award Winner and lives in Oklahoma where
20 percent of the people cannot read. He is a contributor to Online Journal,, other online publications and the "San
Francisco Bay View" newspaper. Nichols is a former employee of the McAlester
Army Ammunition Plant. Nichols can be reached by email at



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