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Election Fraud RICO ACT: Please Donate What You Can!!!!!!!!!
Thu Nov 16, 2006 14:43

Re-post for a friend.


And attention to all anti-Zionists.

The largest RICO case in possible history, has been filed in Federal District Court.

Our whistleblowers require your support and donations for the continuing fight, and legal battles to become!!!!!

Donate to the most righteous cause you can at this moment, the court cases that will change the future of this country.

Write your Money Orders out directly to Jeffrey Jay Fisher with the subject "Legal Fund", and send them in a post-marked envelope to

P.O. Box 7116, Atlanta, Georgia ZIP: 30350

Please do so today!!!! All our donations are tracked by the US Secret Service, and other agencies and are direct-deposit donations.

Anything you can donate for them, please do so.

Also in addition should you feel the need donate towards our other patriotic whistleblower, Nadia Sindi by putting the name "Nadia Sindi" on the envelope and sending it with the subject "Housing support."

Here it is once again!!!

"Thursday, November 09, 2006
........RICO Act U.S.C., Code 18 of 1964........
To send Check or Money order on behalf of Legal battles:
P.O. BOX 7116 Atlanta, Georgia 30357

Today a very interesting court case has been officially filed, and uploaded into court for review and further to include trial by Jury.

That court-case is based on common law, not the CODE OF THE BAR. In the United States Code of the Constitution, under Articles 2 and 4 it is to remind the world of real due process. And so Code 18, U.S.C Title 18 under the law of 1964 goes into effect.

The Racketeering clause underneath the RICO act. And this time, the future of voting and civil rights may hang in the balance and be restored to who it belongs.



This honorable Superior Court has original jurisdiction pursuant to the civil RICO remedies at 18 U.S.C. 1964, and the holdings of the U.S. Supreme Court in Tafflin v. Levitt, 493 U.S. 455 ( 1990), and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Lou v. Belzberg, 834 F.2d 730, hn. 4 (9th Cir. 1987) (California State courts have concurrent jurisdiction of civil RICO claims). "

Procedural Role Rules and Modus of Complaint:
Whereas, I Jeffrey Jay Fisher witnessed on my own account categorical abuse administered on the children of Baypoint Schools, by one Joseph Klock and his municipalities and where-as the court in question did nothing to abstain from this abuse in the year of 2004 to which I administer this criminal complaint.

I witnessed from firsthand account, beginning in July 2004 if not before, Sean S. Lennon discussing the abuse done to these children in more than two different schools run by the Drug Free American Foundation which it was renamed to in 1998. Whereas previously the organization in question was called Straights Inc., and was categorically involved in abuse of teenagers and parents for one decade and passing."

Doctor Blass if you are going to play games, we are going to have you answer the question in court before the Jury.

Mr Tim Mahoney, all of our hard evidence and recordings are heading to the Federal court house. You need to answer the questions and specifically, answer what the FBI did with you and answer to all of the above.

Its that simple. Offer every explanation as to the detailed FBI visit report, or we have you summoned before a Judge. In addition if you still refuse to enlighten the district authorities about what was going on here, we will permanently ruin your good name in a legal manner(of which you will never be elected to office again).

No coverups will be tolerated from anyone for now on. Don't mess around. We know every single racketeering statute and what is allowed along with what isn't. Its also reached the highest court, the Federal Grand Jury. If you wish to explain what happened, explain it there.

The beginning is always the start of something, the start of the truth. It will get interesting just as every action gets, whenever you begin to take back your rights. There is a Grand Jury investigating this physical crime, at the Federal level, which will make it more interesting in the legal pro-se sense.
For now on if you are a lawyer or legal expert and wish to help, you are to contact us on the public number.

We will not contact you. You are to contact us. If restoring the law of voting and restoring the rule of the common is important to you, its time you contact us. We'll get you in touch with the gathering swarm. Otherwise however, you had best pass on this.
They stole our rights from us, even to the right to vote. They stole every whistleblower's life away, and took everything. Yet they still have nothing and it is now proven. Because all there is, is the truth. And the truth will fully prevail.
Roger "


"Monday, October 16, 2006
Musings of Two New Whistleblowers....
(Disclaimer: We only write what you tell us to write, and assume no responsibility for the cause of exposure- We also do not divulge private information or your real name, and things such as date of birth unless otherwise requested. Violation of any rule is prohibited.)

Today we have two Whistleblowers who are looking for immediate assistance and aid, and their stories are presented below. If you can help in some way, please do so. They have tried everything.

"Please I need your help. I'm an Arab American Muslim woman who's been targeted with all kinds of discrimination, racism, bigotry, Police brutalety, corporative power and corruption of some of our elected officials. Now I'm facing an eviction from my apartment.
I'm really very scared and distraught by this humiliation and persecution of us Arab Americans and Muslims.

I don't know what to do. I have no place to move in.. I'm running out of time. the manager and her assistant are ignoring me and taunting me by intimidation and harassment.. Lorry's son Yang Sung's son and Yang Sung still intimidating & harassing me by playing ball and passing so close to my window and patio..

I was living for more than three months without hot water, so many things were not cleaned, and mold was building on the carpets, broken items in the apartment.. I was harassed taunted, called by racial slur names- "you people don't understand"-
When I moved in I was given a check list for the apartment. Lorry instructed me that I only have three days to do it. Other wise she won't accept it

One day I came home to find the Manager Ms. Mingo in my apartment

I contacted some of our elected officials to do some thing since about this abuse and intimidation. One of my friends at the Department of Justice Ms. P. Diane Schneider, told me to file with HUD again. I did. HUD dismissed my complaint as they had before many times. Last Thursday I came home, when I noticed the Manager Ms. Mingo with her assistance manager acting very nervously and panicking, pretended that they were going upstairs to another apartment. I was very puzzled by their behavior.

Last Friday 9-29 I left my apartment at 4:00 P.M. I was going to a meeting then, I attended our Iftar the breaking of the fast of Ramadan. I came home to find a notice on my door. It was a cancellation of my lease, which will expire on October 1, 2006. "… Please accept this as your official 30 days notice that we will not be renewing your lease… "

I'm very distraught, there is no way I can move to another apartment. Please help me I have so many things, against me.

I left my apartment at 4:00 p.m. Friday Sept. 29-06.
When I got home at night, I found an envelope on my door. It has a notice of not renewing my leas... "accept this as your official 30 day notice that we will not be renewing your lease...."

I can't move right now. Especially there is a shortage of apartments in Eugene. Students are back. It's very unlikely to find an apartment in this short time. I know few family who were looking for apartments to move in. So far they couldn't find one..

This is our fasting Month of Ramadan. The holidays are coming soon. It's almost impossible to find a place to move in with 30 days..

This is a retaliation of Forest Hills management, because, I filed a complaint with HUD..

I need some one to take this very seriously.

In addition, I have a criminal record. No one will let me rent any where... I've tried this before...

I got the criminal record, after I lost my condo in 1999. Due to HUD negligence and collusion with Rep. Bob Ackerman by dismissing my complaint in 1998. When I filed a complaint against River Island Estates.. hate crimes, bigotry and racism.

P.S: Now I know why the manager Jennifer was panicking, when I came home yesterday.. She was in my apartment checking in. She wants to make sure every thing is OK. Before she sends me the termination notice..

I've been one of those whistle blower my self.. that's why my life is being screwed up. NO job, HUD, civil right Commissioner Gardner Labor /civil right, the state of Oregon in my case against, Oregon State University unfair firing, and the Employment office when he struck me.. and the scandal of the sexual harassment of the Latino young man, ...etc.. won't do any thing to help.
thanks. nn"

Lets ask why there hasn't been an investigation opened up about this very serious matter. Lets also ask the Department of Justice, if there is grounds to do an investigation now? Ms. Sindi She's been in Eugene, Oregon all this time and never had this treatment. We can't tolerate this. It has happened more than 4 times now and that is just intolerable. And we should all ask the HUD public hotline why an investigation was not opened up into the matter? Finally lets get this young lady some help. Brothers in faith, contact Pastor Joe Peebles of USA Church Ministry on their public number! Lets get them some temporary housing. 301-353-0500. The Miracle in D.C. Center also has a poor immigrant who has a seriousnes illness, they may be kicked out. Contact Miracle in D.C. for more details.

Finally, as time goes on we will post some more information on this case that will be extremely helpful. What we're looking for is just a temporary place to stay, or housing assistance, if you know of a place or a way to help please contact and we will work to get this matter settled immediately. Ms. Sindi and her friend does not deserve this at all.

UPDATE: The ADC has filed a similar related lawsuit accusing the DHS and ICE of discrimination. We strongly suggest you contact them for supporting intervention on behalf of the immigrants in Eugene Oregon including Nadia Sindi. Only the ADC & similar bodies have the power to stop this from continuing. If you can help at all or would like to assist in her case getting heard, please contact and Thanks for any help you can give them!!! A copy of the lawsuit has been placed below.

Click here to read ADC's Lawsuit:

Click on the following links to read the accompanying exhibits:

Exhibit 1:
Exhibit 2:
Exhibit 3:
Exhibit 4:
Exhibit 5:
Exhibit 6:
Exhibit 7:
Exhibit 8:

ADC President Mary Rose Oakar said, "We do not enter into this litigation lightly, but took this step only after two years of repeatedly attempting unsuccessfully to obtain this information through meetings with DHS and ICE officials and filing FOIA requests." Oakar continued, "Furthermore, as the 'October Plan' was conducted during the national elections in 2004, ADC is concerned about the use and impact of NSEERS information in the upcoming elections."
Thank you for reading this.

Roger "

"U.S. Ambassador to Italy, although he can't speak Italian.

Election Fraud specialist. Owns the Bay Point School in Florida allegedly used for testing election fraud devices in 1999. Involved in creating the forged yellowcake documents that led to the War in Iraq. National Finance Chairman Republican Party, head of finance for Bush presidential campaign. Past hon. Pres. Republican Jewish Coalition. President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. A Prominent Jewish Republican and Former National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Export-Import Bank facilitates trade relationships between U.S. businesses and foreign countries, specifically those with financial problems.
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