Thu Nov 9, 2006 05:02

Add to the "short count" in the Senate to pass this evil act the fact that it DOES NOT FOLLOW Article I, Section 7 (1) of the Constitution which CLEARLY states that Congress has to be in session for the bill to become law WHEN the pres signs it AND if it is NOT
SO>>> we have 2 negatives directed to the actuality of that "bill" even being LAW!!

We need someone of authority (Congress, Dept. of JUstice, hell an ATTORNEY) to file an injunction with a Federal Court (either district or circuit) to STOP ANY enforcement of this "law" UNTIL it can be substantiated IF the damn thing is even legal.

ANY takers out there? I'm a paralegal but I damn sure guarantee you that if I was an attorney I would do whatever it took to get a federal judge to hear this argument.

Are you ALL cowards?

Get back to me on this one, folks!

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